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07 Sep 2002, 17:04
This is a small Java utility I found out on the net (open source).

It basically is a wysiwyg html coder that I found useful for all the users that want to put Sigs in their profile and do not know the 1st thing about how to code it.

It would be easy to add it as a popup in your forums. The user can copy and paste the code into their profile. With a few alterations VB codes could be substituted in for the HTML tags it currently uses.

This is a self contained program not a hack .


EDIT: Image on post #4

07 Sep 2002, 17:32
Pictures always help.

07 Sep 2002, 18:38
Yes please

07 Sep 2002, 19:26
Screen Shot

07 Sep 2002, 19:27
Originally posted by HarryButt
This is a self contained program not a hack .

Not only did you just state it wasn't a hack, but it's not even yours and has no integration what-so-ever into vBulletin.

Ontop of that a similar hack just like this has already been made for advance signature making!

So why did you post it in the Full Release area which is only meant for vBulletin integrated scripts??

*sighs heavily* :sleep:

07 Sep 2002, 19:38
BOOHOO, ... cry me a river.

Use it , Del it, Move it ....

I found something that I thought this site's users might use. I'll just not bother next time.

07 Sep 2002, 22:28
If this is WYSIWYG then vB3's WYSIWYG should be called, RSRTAITEU (render stuff real time and impress the end user)

08 Sep 2002, 00:14
Originally posted by HarryButt
BOOHOO, ... cry me a river.

Use it , Del it, Move it ....

I found something that I thought this site's users might use. I'll just not bother next time.

Stop acting gay, it was your fault. I hope u dont bother next time with that attitude

08 Sep 2002, 09:48
I though there is one like this one..

08 Sep 2002, 10:10
There is already an integrated signature editor that works very well. :) This should not be considered a hack. It's not even a template mod.

08 Sep 2002, 12:40
Then do you think you could point me to it? :D

08 Sep 2002, 15:16
LOL.....and not to mention it dosen't even use VBCODE it only uses html

10 Sep 2002, 00:15
Granted, it's NOT a vb-hack...but he had stated as such. He also stated this was something he thought that users of vb could use, and thought by posting it here he was helping the community of vb users.

While it may have been the wrong place...it is doubtful he knew of the RIGHT place (he has after all, only 20 some posts here). And instead of you all blasting him for trying to HELP (but being in error), you could have simply said that vb.org is a hack only site and directed him to another site...or simply told him to reference this in the General forum or something.

For those of you who did whine and cry about it...grow up and show a little bit of respect. And instead of flaming someone who makes a mistake, try directing the person to the correct course of action to take. It may be a bit more difficult to behave rationally and responsibly, but you may find you get better results from the expectations you place upon others.

10 Sep 2002, 00:23
I hope I wasn't rude or anything - I just wanted to point out to other members who would check this thread that there is a hack out there that is integrated like this already, that works and has been around for many many months. :) I agree that new members like these are just trying to helpful, and I appreciate it.

That hack is here:


Peace. :)