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08 Sep 2002, 02:01

this take the vB Photo upload 2.0 hack and changes it to use templates and varibles from VB.

This takes the back and white non vb look and integrates it with your board colors and makes it look more a part of the usercp.

Orignal script can be found Here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=27475&highlight=photo+upload) which was created by BradC

Hope this makes your site look better and users more happy.

08 Sep 2002, 03:23
does it follow the same style, have you rebuilt it?
could I trouble you for a screen or demo maybe? :)
im hella interested tho !!

08 Sep 2002, 03:37
Hi sorry for not posting a screen shot.

If you downloaded the file. It goes with the same style.

check it out on my site http://www.snarfproductions.com

You will have to register ...sorry

then goto the same spot it was before in Usercp -> upload photo

I have also attached a screen shot

08 Sep 2002, 04:48
thats phat man, im joinin now :)

08 Sep 2002, 11:16
Has anyone been able to get the photo update time to work? Mine has never worked, either with BradC's or with this version. Btw, the template needs to be tidied up in this version. :) I've fixed mine up quite a bit. Thanks - I had something similar running already, but tried yours.

08 Sep 2002, 23:45
I'm not too clear on what this does...

08 Sep 2002, 23:51
This takes the orignal hack by brad c and makes it use the color of your website or pull all the html from a template instead of it being hardcoded inside the php file like

echo " bla bla bal";

where you would have to add the echo and different other code to make your html.

now you can just copy and paste it from frontpage or DW if you want to into a template

09 Sep 2002, 03:12
hmmm, I guess BradC won't care since he has not updated his release that someone has taking his script and changed it without him knowing.. tis ok.

He is glad that the project still goes on, but a lot of the script has changed for the better. :)

04 Apr 2003, 03:51
Great hack, but that's some nasty table code you have in your template... Here's what I use.

30 Apr 2003, 19:35
It seems that the presumption is that one has the previous hack installed.

What are the installation instructions, if the original hack was never installed?