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08 Sep 2002, 16:38
This is really a simple hack.

2 templates edited
1 file

Have fun!

Demo: MemberList (http://snarfproductions.com/forums/memberlist.php)

08 Sep 2002, 17:00
For those who have downloaded this.

There was a little mistake in the changes made to memberlist templates

there where no bold tags around age

So you can eithier redownload it and put the changes in

or goto memberlist template search for Age

and make it look like


08 Sep 2002, 23:09
Simple but cool hack, thanks. Working on 2.2.7. :D

08 Sep 2002, 23:17
Oh yeah forgot to mention, you've uploaded the instructions as a text file. All the replacement variables are being converted to that of this site. Zip them up to fix the problem.

08 Sep 2002, 23:25
Zip file now uploaded

Thanks :)

08 Sep 2002, 23:35
Hehe no worries, and good work! :)

08 Sep 2002, 23:36
Thanks :)

08 Sep 2002, 23:38
Some people might prefer it if the $memberage column of the memberlistbit template had a backgound colour of secondaltcolor. It would fit in with people's colour schemes better, in my opinion.

08 Sep 2002, 23:46
:) yeah maybe I did really go end to the colors to much since my memberlist is all one color

first and second are both same color.

I guess for anyone that wants to have a different color replace:




don't forget to keep the { and the } around them :)

29 Oct 2002, 22:48
Installed on 2.2.8. :)

Chris M
29 Oct 2002, 22:53
@GamerForums - I dont know if anyone else has noticed it, but you are replying to every single thread saying:

Installed on 2.2.8:)

I dont know about anyone else, but it is really bugging me:(

Please try not to - If you want to reply, try contributing to the thread about what improvements could be made, addons or ideas...

Just a request;) Thanks:)

Btw : Nice hack - Im surprised I didnt see this before:(


29 Oct 2002, 23:30
I'm not replying to every single thread. I'm upgrading my board and commenting as to whether or not the hacks installed with it.

Dynamic One
01 Nov 2002, 20:11
Thanks for this nice hack.

06 Jan 2003, 18:05
Is there anyway to adapt this to include location instead of age then add a link at the top that says "list by location" similar to "list alphabetically". Has this been done yet? Thanks.