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08 Sep 2002, 17:07
ADD GLOW vB Buttons v2.0

I released this once, v1.0, Now i'm releasing it again... But this time I've added tons of new stuff, and made the install file easier to follow...

This will add GLOW vB Buttons... Screen shots attached in next post... If you install... Please click install. I also forgot to mention that this is my 2nd "hack", so tell me what you think... This has been tested by some members, but things could still screw up... DON'T FORGET TO BACKUP! I take no responsibilty for damages... Install at your own risk...

What does it do?
This adds buttons to add a RED, BLUE, GREEN, and ORANGE glowing vb buttons to Newthread.php and newreply.php

Is this really a hack?
YES! It requires queries, file and template edits...

Screenie of New Thread / Reply (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=296843)
This is what the glow effects look like (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=296844)

08 Sep 2002, 17:07

08 Sep 2002, 17:11
another screenie

08 Sep 2002, 18:16
dope idea man i think i'll install it

08 Sep 2002, 19:07
Thanks! Don't forget to press install :)

Tony DiMera
08 Sep 2002, 23:35
Is there anyway to have it where members can type in their own color hex?

09 Sep 2002, 19:19
I made this allong tima ago for my forum.
I made it the same as the color option. (check screen)

maybe it's an idea for you.

Tony DiMera
09 Sep 2002, 20:49
That's neat, how did you do that?

09 Sep 2002, 22:25
Yes, you should release it, its better than mine :D

10 Sep 2002, 15:47
I'm at High School right now, so I can't install. I just emailed this thread to myself so I'll probably remember to install it then. Already clicked install though, because I know I want this one. :P

10 Sep 2002, 17:13
Hmm...when i type my message here

it comes out {param} every time

10 Sep 2002, 19:06
sometimes you gotta go to the vB code (in admin cp) and click on "use option: no", even though it should be in the MY SQL query...

11 Sep 2002, 02:39
when i use more words in different colors, i get all the time a line break?

11 Sep 2002, 19:11
Yes, its becuz it uses < table > theres nothin i really can do about it... sorry :(

12 Sep 2002, 16:33
Originally posted by Matt87
Yes, you should release it, its better than mine :D


But my englisch is verry bad.

12 Sep 2002, 19:03
http://babelfish.altavista.com ;)

13 Sep 2002, 13:58
nice, but my language don't stand there :cry:

but i'll try it.

Chris M
14 Sep 2002, 08:17
Yes please do:)


14 Sep 2002, 19:28
Yes, its more compact then mine..

17 Sep 2002, 15:18
lichtflits, I have also created a drop-down menu like yours, and I used the vbcode_colorbits rather than buttons. I created mine without ever having seen yours, but we have accomplished exactly the same thing.

Since English is my native language, I will release this as a hack, and I will share credit with you, since you had the idea first.

Sound good?

Click here for the Glow Drop-Down hack (http://www.lazerlite.com/forum/glow_readme.html)

17 Sep 2002, 19:12
Fine with me :D

17 Sep 2002, 19:20
I've installed it, works like a charm, I like it better than mine :p

30 Oct 2002, 18:11
Umm, does this work with vB 2.2.8 ? The sql queries and all?

30 Oct 2002, 19:27
Thanks works great!

30 Oct 2002, 22:25
Originally posted by mindbuster
Umm, does this work with vB 2.2.8 ? The sql queries and all?

Works great I have it


14 Nov 2002, 15:53
tnx m8 but erm i need 2 take a good look @ the Mysql part... cuz i don;t get that right (NEWBEe :alien:) but i'll see,...,.