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09 Sep 2002, 00:36
Anyone that knows how to write scripts to import only members of an old database into a new database w/ out overwriting all the old info please pm me or catch me on AIM. I have currently 500 members in mynew database and about 1500 in the old one. I need help doing this. We can speak cost if anyone is willing to help.
Matt Bohach
Angel-owners.com webmaster

p.s. it is a vb to vb import.

09 Sep 2002, 00:41
I'm not sure if this can be done...

You could use a phpbb convertor to convert your 500 member vB to phpbb, and then back again to vBulletin - into your 1500 member database. I've never tried this, not sure if it can be done, and it's only an idea! :)

09 Sep 2002, 00:55
i know it can be done cus jim murray did it at paintballcity.com .... its just a matter of knowing how to do it.