View Full Version : Please reccomand me a gaming portal

09 Sep 2002, 14:55
Hi all!
I'm looking for a good gaming portal. I heard about Metrogamers (metrogamers.com) but some people says that it's REALLY bugged. There are good gaming portal (free or not)?

Thx a lot! ;)

26 Sep 2002, 11:51
None I know of... Most of the big sites code their own.

02 Oct 2002, 17:05

Ninth Dimension
02 Oct 2002, 18:10
Originally posted by GamerForums
None I know of... Most of the big sites code their own. I am :)

04 Oct 2002, 16:25
I've heard that someone is working on a gaming portal to relase for free and i've read that the gaming portal of MrLister is HEAVY bugged :(

Ninth Dimension
04 Oct 2002, 16:30
Do you know who? because personally I don't have a clue :)

03 Dec 2002, 06:01
vgportal (http://www.vgprojects.com) is a gaming portal but it isn't integrated with vbulleting thou I don't think it would be that hard to integrate it. Its not to bad of a portal.

Ninth Dimension
03 Dec 2002, 06:12
I've just installed that VGPortal thing to my localhost, and while it's not perfect at the moment, it looks like it's got a good basis going.

It needs a lot of work, and can't really be used on any site until a few of the bugs have been fixed, but keep your eyes on this one, provided the author keeps working on it I can see this becoming quite a good script.

03 Dec 2002, 11:56
yea its not bad, he's supposed to be releasing a new version soon i hope which is supposed to have some more features, and bugs fixes. So we'll see.