View Full Version : Personal Avatars on a Non-VB page!

10 Sep 2002, 07:28
This is a very quick hack that i sorta stumbled across. This hack will enable you to have a USERS avatar on your main website page.

Hacks you will need INSTALLED: "Welcome Panel on Non-VB page"

I will soon add this to my "Board Stats on Non-VB page" hack in the coming days. So if you have the Welcome Panel hack already installed then just download the TXT file.

So if you dont want to use the Welcome Panel on NON-vb page as a starting point then just wait a couple days for me to release my board stats on non-vb page.

10 Sep 2002, 07:38
Here is a PREVIEW IMAGE with both hacks running. STATS and the AVATAR

10 Sep 2002, 13:42
The "on a NON-vB page" kinda hacks sure are frequent on these forums.

Anyway, nice stuff although it's not incredibly difficult to do.

What is webwelcome.php?

10 Sep 2002, 13:58
haha Velocd, yup. I almost forgot this was a vbb site :p

nice hack tho :)

11 Sep 2002, 04:17
For this particular hack, version 1 you need to have the WELCOME panel on Non-VB page installed on your site. webwelcome.php is the main fil of this add-on.

As far as VB hacks go i think all thats left to do is integrate. So far most hacks are rehashes or updates of previous ones. The only new thing is to integrate vb features into someones otherwise dull main website.

Darren Lewis
11 Sep 2002, 17:34
I'd already done this on my site, but never got around to releasing the upgraded version of my hack :)

12 Sep 2002, 05:21
Thats fine. My ultimate board stats integration hack is done. Ive looked around and cant find one like it. Should be in release soon.