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10 Sep 2002, 12:23
I'm always strict on viruses, always have the virus program installed, always check everything once a week etc etc.

Now i just reinstalled my computer 2 days ago because it was a mess and it went slow. After the installation i thought it was no problem if i first configured my email, once done i checked for new messages and yes.. one of them had the title: message.status. I knew it was a virus so i clicked right click on it and want to delete it but it already opened the message and voila.. a new message came in a new popup and dissapeared. I immidiately ran to the prog directory to install norton antivirus but it was 2 late, every file wich i touched deleted himself. This was a neat virus, i couldn't even open the start menu. It said that i don't have the permission, lol.

Now, i did a backup of all the Vbulletin, Store hack, gambling hack, etc files so i thought no problem. I installed windows on an other partition and installed norton and checked the other partition and almost all the files were infected. The prog fixed them all and i was happy, until i opened the Backup Zip file with my backup files. The zip file was empty, lol. It says the size is 569mb, i installed various Winzip versions but no luck. I lost everything, instructions files for my new hacks, the instruction file for the gambling hack, the new style, my new layout of the website but the most important is the file wich had all my registrations/passwords information in it. Vbulletin registration etc. :(


10 Sep 2002, 12:34
sorry me, just bad sounds :(

just hope find asap all solve

10 Sep 2002, 17:29
*check his and finds the nivida.worm*


10 Sep 2002, 20:26
Aaargghhh... that is the worst case scenario, and it happened to you. :(

I use www.postini.com to filter all my emails - they have mcafee viruscan running (the latest version which they upgrade for you for free) and I catch about 1 virus-laden email every 2 weeks.

Also, I NEVER open email attachments, ever. Not even if it's from my own mother. :)

10 Sep 2002, 21:14
I never open attachments either :)

However i've had to reformat a few times in the past :(

Lesane, I can understand your pain, you've lost files that were very important to you, happened to me too, last year, I had the best music collection [took years to download on 56k] and I lost all 1500 songs :(!

11 Sep 2002, 01:53
I just got bombarded with two simulatenous viruses. One was called FunLove and the other was called W32/Stator.worm

Both were nasty. With FunLove, all my EXE, OCXs were added 117kb of data. Stator renamed all the exes I touched (minus explorer.exe) to something.vxd

It irritated the heck out of me. I spent 18hrs debugging my system. (starting at 3AM saturday morning)

I feel your pain Lesane. I feel your pain.

11 Sep 2002, 03:42
must be a week of viruses.. I just got an email, had a file called "Main.exe"

here's what was contained in it.

Damn I love norton AV.. caught this as soon as I extracted the zip. file.

11 Sep 2002, 04:03
sorry to hear this lesane. i strongly recommend to use kaspersky.com as AV.
i did a test at work and "infected" a test pc with 10viruses. the pc have norton AV and kav AV, both installed. while installing the viruses, norton found only 3 of them. kav did detected all 10 of them and blocked the access...
hope that little info is useful.

good luck with your restore work.
you can always email VB to get your cutomer ID/password.