View Full Version : Shoutbox problem

10 Sep 2002, 12:24
well. once i installed i got the shoutbox thing on forum home. my board url is:


when i go the shoutbox


Everything looks ok, (look at the url)

but type somethin and then click 'shout!' see what happends

and for those of you who cant be bothered. It goes straight to http://stealth.wiredhub.org/shoutbox.php

as if its ignoring my baord url (dLoForum/)

ne1 know how i can fix this? and yes i have tried moving shoutbox.php to stealth.wiredhub.org/ but i just get warning cannot locate blah blah blah

10 Sep 2002, 19:11
actually i believe that its in the shoutbox.php find the part that creates the header information... after the action shout is preformed... i believe that its in there... regards...


12 Sep 2002, 08:41
nope, its not in shoutbox.php

12 Sep 2002, 18:33
then check the shoutbox templates... but i know when the shoutbox does the redirection that it is embedded in the php file... at least last time i checked... regards...


12 Sep 2002, 18:59
should i be looking for something in the php file? cos i did not edit it in any way

14 Sep 2002, 01:24
edit the 'shoutbox_postshout' template find there:

<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" border="0" {tableinnerextra} width="100%">
<form action="/shoutbox.php" method="post" name="vbform">

replace with:

<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" border="0" {tableinnerextra} width="100%">
<form action="$bburl/shoutbox.php" method="post" name="vbform">

Thats all :p