View Full Version : 9/11 a little prayer for the lost ones...

11 Sep 2002, 10:45
i didnt lose anyone, but i do have friends who did...
i put my hands toghether and i say a little prayer to all the innocent people who lost their lives due to criminals...

may God rest their souls in peace...

11 Sep 2002, 15:27
yes a moment of silence please...

thanks for your concern to all those out there that lost their families TECK :)

for me a special thanks to the officers and firefighters that didn't think twice when entering the burning buildings... talk about deserving a medal of honor...



Dean C
11 Sep 2002, 18:50
^ harsh and irrelevant words at this time.....

- Mist

11 Sep 2002, 20:24
Over 3,000 people died... let us respect them by remembering that they did not lose their lives in vain, but in turn, their sacrifice brought humanity and the world together in an unprecedented manner. May God truly bless America, and the rest of the world, with peace, brotherhood, and unity. And may God have mercy on the terrorists - God is a vengeful God, and justice will be served.

11 Sep 2002, 22:09
I wish one day people would stop thinking in politics and start thinking in terms of human beings.

I'm so fed up of people saying "yeah, well, of cause this was ++++, but the states also did this and that and whatever..." sure they did, but hell, who cares?
this is not about some childish "mom, he poked me in the eye, so I hit his nose"-stuff. This is not what should count and not how people should see these things.

people should think about 3200+ innocent people, who started their day, just as we all do every morning. They got up in the morning, brushed their teeth, dressed up, kissed their family good bye, went to work and never returned home, because they became target of an act of violence. All those people were not supposed to die, not for any "reason"!

I lost my uncle and my aunt there - they moved from Austria (which is the place where I also live) to NY in July '01 and on September 10th my aunt called and told us that she's pregnant. They were surely not meant to die and I'm sick of people trying to explain, that "it's bad from a personal point, but... *blah*" - just imagine the following scenario:

a friend of you is murdered - you post here, expressing, how bad you feel and I reply "oh sorry man, that's bad from a personal point for sure, but well - you must see he had his bad sides - when he was 14 he beat up that guy from his class and hell - he was from the UK - do'nt you remember, that the british crown invaded Africa and killed so many people - gosh - your friend probably deserved to die..."

I still mourn and I still think of what a great life & family my aunt & uncle could have had.

I pray for all those who were left behind, missing a part of their life and those who fell victim to this senseless and cruel act of terror.

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11 Sep 2002, 22:10
I do respect them and no words can express how sorry I am for those lost... maybe one day people will no longer see then need to kill and fight.

11 Sep 2002, 23:34
yeah - I hope, that one day in (an obviously very distant) future, wars will be fought with words and not with weapons and victims

11 Sep 2002, 23:55
I cannot begin to express my condolences for your loss, nox. But as I told someone else... Living here is like home. When someone dies, it is like family. Today we mourn the loss of innocense. Both in death and our own. If I had a day to pick as a good day, I'd say September 10th. I wish it were September 10th. :(

12 Sep 2002, 01:23
All of the victims and their family members have my deepest condolences.
May all of you brave souls that lost your lives, rest in peace. :(

12 Sep 2002, 05:45
Not 9/11 here too?
When are people gonna get on with their lives?
*sick and tired of having this shoved up my bunghole wherever I go*

Don't misunderstand me Nox, I know this was a tragedy, but why do people all of a sudden start caring so fscking much about people the never knew just because some crap happened in the US...

You americans hardly raise an eyebrow when something happens outside your borders. How come this incident was so much worse than all the other sh!t that is happening in the world?

It happened, it was fscked up, it's over now, leave it be, move on, make more babies. Thank you.

12 Sep 2002, 05:54
sparkz, those criminals who blasted the 2 towers knew that they will be several innocent people inside... they simply wanted to kill, for fun... they didnt give a ++++ about the people.
and yes 9/11 will be always remembered. if you sister or brother would be dead like that, you would not say those words...

there are no terrorist attacks that killed more people then this one. that's why it will be always remembered.

12 Sep 2002, 11:51
Thank you very much, Diva!

sparkz: don't you think your attitude is kind'a egoistic? Great that you did not lose anybody there, but do you really think that this gives you the right to say "hey everybody, shut up, because _I_ don't want to hear a thing about it"?

I personally think that people always get closer to each other when targedies happen - i.e. we had terrible floods here this summer and thousands of people lost their houses and everything they had. But eventhough they have almost nothing now, the people in these regions help each other and care about each other, although they probably never met before. Maybe that's one of the aspects of being a human?

And I also think that it's normal, that such tragedies stay in human memory - think of Jack the Ripper - he "only" killed 11 people and that's 111 years ago, but people still remember, right? Or the sinking of Titanic etc.

It's hard for people to cope with things like that - very hard. Maybe because of the complete senselessness of this act, I don't know. Imagine there's a person who is very close to you (girlfriend/wife/...), somebody for whom you seem to have searched a big part of your life, somebody you finally found, somebody with whom you wanted to share the rest of your life. You're together with this person, everything is just perfect and one day, this person leaves and you look forward to seeing this person again in the evening, but this person never returns, because some terrorists decided, that they havbe to struck down Allah's will on you non-believers. Imagione all those "what if"'s and Why's - "What if she was sick this day?", "Why? She did not do anything to those people.", "Did she have to suffer for hours?", "What if she would not have been there?" - the list is endless...
And when you're finished thinking about this, think about what you'd throw in the face of somebody who comes along and says "It happened, it was fscked up, it's over now, leave it be, move on, make more babies."

12 Sep 2002, 18:08
Sparkz when was the last time that a terrorist act took the lives of 3200 innocent ppl with four planes? You say 'you americans' yet we're all still human beings... you say 'get over it' show some respect... all the firefighters and police officers that run up that building knew they weren't going to make it out... and do you think that stopped them? they all deserved the medal of honor for being so courageous... don't tell me that if someone close to you died a year later you wouldn't give a damn... regards...