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12 Sep 2002, 18:08
hey all, I have to questions to ask you guys.

1. How do I make a private forum?
a. Only people approved by the moderator of them forum should
be able to approve people to access it.

2. How do I make a one of the links in the front page a link to
a HTML page that I'll make?
a. Like let's say you if you had section called "pictures" it would
take you to HTML page with pictures instead of a forum.

my web site is www.AnteaterForum.com

if you visit there, you can see a section called "Enter Private Forums"
I want to be able to click on that and get a list of private forums.
And if you are NOT approved by a mod of those private forums
listed, you won't be able to go on....that's what i want in part 1

in part 2, Let's say I clicked on "Driver Hangout", instead of going
to a forum where people can post, it goes to a web site, let's
say "www.motortrend.com".

If someone could give me some guidance, it would be appreciated.

13 Sep 2002, 21:06

14 Sep 2002, 19:42
Making a private forum is easy, setting up the access gets a little difficult...

Make the forum and when you're setting it up, theres an option to make it open to the public, and it defaults to only admins and supermods getting in. You can then modify that thru the forum permissions. To let one person in, you have to modify that persons personal access... which is a pain in the ass, so I make a custom usergroup, but seeing as the person can only be one, you can only give him access to one.

For the link thing, Just put a regular old html link where you want it... Then open up the private forum copy the address out of the address bar and paste it into the link on the html page.

that help? :)

18 Sep 2002, 02:09
thanks...that answers some questions...

16 Oct 2002, 15:47
I am also trying to do something like this. In my case I would like to embed a link to my "who is in chat". I only want this to show up in private forums.
Is there an easy way to do this?