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13 Sep 2002, 09:01
Alright all your craze loving people here are a few pictures of me I took about 15 mins ago... this only proves my insanity.... or so you would like to think ;)

Note: Since some people I know dont seem to understand.. this is mainly a self-inflicted joke... I only look like this when I am tired (drunk)

13 Sep 2002, 09:04
and another picture of loving old me..

13 Sep 2002, 09:04
and just for kicks...

13 Sep 2002, 11:13
nice red eyes ^^

Dean C
13 Sep 2002, 18:54
all suspicions of neo have been confirmed... you ARE the devil...

- Mist

Chris M
13 Sep 2002, 19:04
*Grabs Photoshop manual*

/me talks aloud : A little dash of colour here, an altering there, and hey presto!:D

This Space Saved for the Finished Article;)


14 Sep 2002, 02:04
Having fun with the camra?