View Full Version : The Best E-Commerce?

Chris M
14 Sep 2002, 10:02
I found this website...

It offers a Free E-Commerce Software...


What do you think?


Dean C
14 Sep 2002, 10:38
ive seen that before... im working on intigrating the store with my board at the moment :D

- Mist

Chris M
14 Sep 2002, 10:57
Really...That exact one?


21 May 2006, 12:27
/bump does this work?

Sean S
22 May 2006, 01:46
umm why would you bump a post that is over 4 years old..., but for your info, there is no hack/addon released yet that integrates oscommerce, at least not a free one.

Rick Sample
25 May 2006, 21:57
Had it, used it, trashed it :) It works good to some extent, but I've found that you pay for what you get with this 'free' software. We are using X-cart over at http://www.muscle-mustangs.com. Just by browsing our store on the left, you can see the advantages X-cart has over OSC :)