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15 Sep 2002, 03:24
as most of you know, the teckwizards.com opening is imminent.
from my previous experience with this type of site, i expect a huge traffic to it in a matter of months.

i'm currenly looking for 10mods for the forums.

mod's qualifications and tasks:
- strong knowledge in a specific windows area like configuration, networking, styling, etc.
- dedicate at least one hour a day to check the postings and moderate the site.

you can aply here, by posting the following information:
1. age
2. location
3. current area of expertise related to windows

the people who will have the candidature retained will be contacted by pm.
for some screenshots of the site, please look here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=43447).

thanks you.

15 Sep 2002, 03:40
I am 16 years old, and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, My Experiences range throughout...
Windows Operating and Troubleshooting
Hardware Technician
A+ Certified
Very knowledgeable in configuration (bios, software, network etc).
Experience with:
- Windows 3.1 (Long time ago in Germany)
- Windows 95
- Windows 98
- Windows NT
- Windows 2000 Pro
- Windows ME
- Windows XP Profesional
- Windows XP Home

Maintainance, and Management Organization
Troubleshooting, Hardware and Software Technician for Viveka (Printing, graphics company)
Software and Hardware Sales Representative
Some Experience making server solutions for Viveka, and through SkyTech Staffing

I thought I'd organize it :)

15 Sep 2002, 08:28
*crys* What about me :(

15 Sep 2002, 10:31
1. 13
2. England
3. Questions & Troubleshooting. General XP knowledge. Customizing. All are with XP Home Edition. (and '95)

Chris M
15 Sep 2002, 10:40
1. 16 (17 in less than 6 weeks)
2. England
3. I have general knowledge of Win ME, 95, 98 and 2000. I have some Question & Troubleshooting knowledge, and am a heavy user of Windows. I know a bit about setting up hardware and stuff, and my dad is a computer engineer of over 25 years, so I can always count on him to help


15 Sep 2002, 11:29
1. 19
2. Tacoma, WA
3. Knowlege of DOS (woohoo!), Win 3.1 (haha), 95, 98, ME (evil!), 2K, and XP. CompTIA A+ Certified (As if that means anything these days...). Worked as a computer technician in a computer repair shop for one year, promoted to head tech. I also know networks (setup, repair, conflicts) and hardware (setup, repair, tweaking, modding, conflicts, etc.)

But personally, I'm not like the best out there. Microsoft said I was an advanced computer tech when they called me for a usability study, but I know there are a bunch of guys that are much better then I am.

15 Sep 2002, 16:13
Age: 17
Location: California, USA
Windows Expertise: Certified XP Distributor and Technical Support.

15 Sep 2002, 17:13
Age: 20
Location: Bristol, England, United Kingdom (GMT)
Windows Expertise: I have used every single major version of Windows from v1.01 upwards and also have a excelent knowlage of MS-DOS. I have installed, networked and configured the following versions of windows:

Windows NT 3.51 Workstation;
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation;
Windows NT 4.0 Server (as a DC and Member server);
Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition (as a DC and standalone TS Server)
Windows 2000 Pro;
Windows 2000 Server (as a DC and member server);
Windows 2000 Advanced Server (as a DC, TS and member server & mixed);
Windows XP Pro & Home;
Windows .NET, many builds, Standard & Enterprise Server (as DC, TS and member server).

I also have knowlage of Windows 95, 98 etc, but know far more about the NT based systems. I have worked with Active Directory and group policies, IIS, NT 4 domains and Terminal Services, both local and remote.

I am studing for a Degree in Computer Science and have compleated 2/3 years. I have built quite a few PCs from scratch and have good hardware knowlage as well as software. I have also taught IT to 5-13 year olds.

29 Sep 2002, 03:10
Hey NTLDR did you take courses privatly on learning that, or did you actually major in that field, as in go to college to learn that?

You have alot of experience, it seems you would be a very good candidate for Windows Beta Testing.

If you want I can check if they are looking for server beta-testers, my uncles step-son is a candidate beta tester, so he has been testing for awhile, I believe they had taken him off the list, but he can still get infromation. If you want that is I don't want to go do something with out your permission, of course you will get payed, you would have to pass a small test, and either have a phone interview or something.

I applied, but I am to young :-/ and don't have "full knowledge" of the topics.

Anyways PM if you are interested, I will try my best to get it for you, if you like.

By the way sorry for going off-topic :)