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15 Sep 2002, 04:00
I just ran across this site and it has alot of cool stuff here...there is one problem...i can't download anything :cry: i tried to download vbindex and it said i didn't have permission. what are the rulez?

Steve Machol
15 Sep 2002, 04:15
bornagain, please go to this (http://www.vbulletin.com/members/vbulletin.org.php) page and enter your username, to show you are licensed. (you will need to use your customer number and password to access that page)
Thank you.

15 Sep 2002, 04:18
uhmm i dont think i am lisenced....i am just registered at the forum...how do i get liscenced?

Steve Machol
15 Sep 2002, 04:35
You need to purchase the software to be licensed. After all you have no need or use for downloading hacks unless you have a vB forum. And if you have a forum then you are either licensed or you are running the software illegally. I am going to assume the latter and that you will use your customer number and password to enter your username in the page I mentioned earlier.

15 Sep 2002, 10:58
as i saw on your page, you use an invision board software.
this board here is just for vbulletin boards, so downloading anything here wouldn't help you much