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15 Sep 2002, 04:15
As we are settling in our new house, i was getting a bit thirsty. i decided to go upstairs to get a cool refreshing drink. i was too lazy to turn the lights on so i ran up the stairs not knowing the door at the top of the stairs were closed. as i went head 1st into the door, i fell down all 14 stairs

15 Sep 2002, 05:09
Damn man!! Thank god I know my house pretty well :p

15 Sep 2002, 07:41
ive only been here about 2 weeks and ive been behind the computer most of the time so i dont really know my house

15 Sep 2002, 10:54
you should know the dark if you like it *gg*

if not turning on the light could be usefull.

hope you haven't hurt yourself to hard

15 Sep 2002, 15:46
Originally posted by Xenon
hope you haven't hurt yourself to hard

Agreed, if you didn't then that's pretty funny :D

15 Sep 2002, 16:27
I sometimes find it easier to concentrate on walking in pitchblack darkness, if I close my eyes, it feels as though more concentration if being focused on my other feelings like touch, and maybe smell lol

15 Sep 2002, 16:58
Originally posted by DrkFusion
... and maybe smell lol

you mean if you smell wood, you know you're in front of the wooden door? ^^

15 Sep 2002, 17:07
I have the tendency to look upwards when walking around in the dark for some reason... I dont know why, but I do it everytime... and I've been in this house so long I know my way around real good... I often go upstairs to get a drink in the dark without hitting anything...

As for falling down the stairs, didnt break anything important did you? such as your typing hands?

15 Sep 2002, 23:25
14 stairs... you should be glad you're still able to type! ;)

16 Sep 2002, 02:22
That must be gay >_>..

I would do the same though -_-