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15 Sep 2002, 11:10
If you have webmail and it is called Neomail and you would like to integrate the login with a form in your VB and give your user the ability to signup and have there account auto created.

Then this is the hack for you!

I can't integrate all of neomail with vb because I don't know cgi or perl which that is what neomail is and I don't really want to because you would have to change stuff on the server itself.

Signup is finished.
This script now lets users signup giving personal infomation that is stored in a database, then moved to create there account auto.

UPDATE -2-28-02
Make sure you go threw the new templates you add and change the domain everywhere its says too. If you don't the hack will not work correctly.

UPDATE 9-22-02 - Signup feature had a bug which made it so new signups couldn't login to mail. This is fixed please download the new attachment

update: 9-19-02 signup and now has admin features for admincp written by NTDLR

Oh yeah .... if this is for you please click the install button at the top.

Still working on password retrieval


Chris M
15 Sep 2002, 11:22

Would this work with Squirrelmail?


15 Sep 2002, 12:02
Sweet hack! I've got neomail, but I want version 2 of this so I can let people sign up! :)

15 Sep 2002, 18:31
Originally posted by hellsatan
Would this work with Squirrelmail?

What would be really cool is a complete Squirrelmail integration hack. So SM would look just like your forums.

Nice hack, but since I have SM instead of Neo mail I guess I have to pass.

15 Sep 2002, 19:34


15 Sep 2002, 19:56
I am not sure about Squirrelmail I don't use my servers have openwebmail and neomail on them.

:) this script may come to be something no one needs because chen has one he might release !


Chris M
15 Sep 2002, 20:07
Chen will...For money;)

@Marshalus - Yeh...It would:)

Im working on that;)


15 Sep 2002, 20:12
:) the signup thing is actually kinda simple there is only one part that is getting me stumped. When it is Auto creating an email account you have to chmod 3 different file in the dir. /etc/ well the script won't chmod them for some reason so that is where I'm at.

Soon really soon !

Chris M
15 Sep 2002, 20:13


16 Sep 2002, 00:39
I have neomail so I thought hey this would save me some time. Ran into alittle trouble though :(

It shows up alright but when ever I try to login it takes me to a page cannot be displayed error.

16 Sep 2002, 01:06
Did you change where it says to change the domain in the template ?

there are 2 spots in the the template


16 Sep 2002, 01:31
Ok that fixed that problem but now when I click login it brings the pop-up login up so I type my mail username and password but it doesn't work. So I try my cpanel username and pass that doesn't work. So basically it wont log me in now.

16 Sep 2002, 02:03
there shouldn't be a popup. The form that comes up when you goto maillogin.php you should just type in login name.

not the whole login@domain.org then your pw after that it should go strait to your neomail

16 Sep 2002, 02:08
I get the form but when I fill it all out and click login it then gives me a pop-up for neomail.

16 Sep 2002, 03:49
ok :( you made sure that you c hanged domain 2 places in the template to yourdomain.com?

if you did then I am not sure.....is your neomail setup with a cpanel ?

16 Sep 2002, 03:52
Yes im sure and yes it is set up with a cpanel.

16 Sep 2002, 03:53
do you have aim or icq ?

might be easier to to fix the problem :)

aim: snarfset
icq: 38504940

16 Sep 2002, 04:33
That did it thanks for taking time on aim to help me.

16 Sep 2002, 04:34
No Problem Glad I could help ya

16 Sep 2002, 05:41
installed the hack without a problem. good work.
cant wait till you get a signup for it.
keep up the good work

16 Sep 2002, 22:31
Works great! Very nice being able to login this way instead of going though cpanel.

Next thing that would be great is some kinda frontend that uses templates to view the mail. Instead of useing neomails interface.


16 Sep 2002, 22:41
Yeah the templates to view mail would be great.

I have noticed though if I change neomail on teh server it changes for the whole server not just a certain domain.

Maybe if someone wants to sit down and get every function.

And then make an email php script that using those same functions but using a different look that would be cool! :)

As far as me I wish I knew that much about php and perl :)

sign up should be out soon

16 Sep 2002, 22:50
Originally posted by chad777
sign up should be out soon

Nice ;) I'll probably install then :)

17 Sep 2002, 14:04
Will this work if you DON'T have neomail set up via cpanel, but just a normal installation?

17 Sep 2002, 15:50
the login should work...the signup will not

17 Sep 2002, 21:53
Ok guys the signup part of it should be finished within the next 2 days. :)

this will only work if you have cpanel. if you don't have cpanel I am sorry I don't have anything except cpanel to make it for :)

17 Sep 2002, 21:59
I have a question. I want to give the admins of the site a neomail email account from my site is there a way to hide the link from any members who's status is below admin? Im hoping to put the link in the footer where it says contact us and your site url.

17 Sep 2002, 22:04
Yes you would be able to create a link for just certain usergroups, you just add something similar to:

if ($bbuserinfo[usergroupid]==6) { //Admins
$maillink = "LINK";
} else { //Everyone else
$maillink = "LINK";

In your phpinclude template and add $maillink in the footer

17 Sep 2002, 23:29
That didn't seem to work :/. My registered members could still see the link.

17 Sep 2002, 23:32
You need to change

$maillink = "LINK";

by either adding a link for something else for other users or blank; just "" for nothing to appear.

17 Sep 2002, 23:41
Ok well "" still shows the words Neo Maillogin when im a normal user. Here's how the code is set up in footer, maybe Im doing something wrong there.

<p align="center">
<normalfont><b>&lt; <a href="$contactuslink">Contact Us</a> - <a href="$homeurl">$hometitle</a> - <a href="$maillink">Neomail Login</a>
<!-- - <a href="$privacyurl">Privacy Statement</a> --> &gt;</b></normalfont>

<p align="center"><smallfont>
<!-- Do not remove this copyright notice -->
Powered by: vBulletin Version $templateversion<br>
Copyright &copy;2000 - 2002, Jelsoft Enterprises Limited.<br>
<!-- Do not remove this copyright notice -->

18 Sep 2002, 00:19

Been working since 10-29-2001 on our forums

18 Sep 2002, 13:22
Originally posted by Mono
Ok well "" still shows the words Neo Maillogin when im a normal user. Here's how the code is set up in footer, maybe Im doing something wrong there.

Just put $maillink in the footer and place in href in the bit that goes into the phpinclude template.

18 Sep 2002, 16:31
any news yet on the sign up page....

18 Sep 2002, 16:37

I am testing the signup script right now.
once I go threw the code and templates and db stuff I will be releasing it tonight.

Features include:
- signup with full contact infomation stored in database
- signup form that checks for errors
- email account auto created with redirect to eithier login page or page you choose
- login page for checking neomail
- fully template driven so it matches your forum
- and some more.

Look for it tonight


19 Sep 2002, 02:07
Neomail login with signup now ready to download :)

19 Sep 2002, 13:02
Originally posted by webhost

Been working since 10-29-2001 on our forums

ok ?

19 Sep 2002, 19:57
Thx for this great hack but i've a problem. I've installed the hack but on my server there is Cpanel 4 and i can't login :(

19 Sep 2002, 20:06
this will not create a cpanel user it will only create a webmail user

http://yourdomain.com/webmail/ make sure the slash is at the end.

also check in the neowebcreate.php that the varible

$in = "GET /frontend/bluelagoo.....

make sure it says /frontend/ YOUR THEME/

meaning if you are using the default theme look in the address on top when you goto cpanel to see if it says bluelagoon or default or irconic.

when you see what theme it is replace YOUR THEME with the name of the theme your using


20 Sep 2002, 01:01
I have a problem. there is no makenav option in my admin/functions.php

whats the deal...any ideas?

also, I tried signing up a new user as a test...and I am getting this error.

Warning: fputs(): supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in /home/evolutio/public_html/forum/neowebcreate.php on line 16

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in /home/evolutio/public_html/forum/neowebcreate.php on line 17

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/evolutio/public_html/forum/neowebcreate.php:16) in /home/evolutio/public_html/forum/neowebcreate.php on line 18

20 Sep 2002, 02:04
my host has neomail for me in my Webmaster CPanel... i have never installed it... would that work... even if i dont have a folder in my FTP for neomail but just have it in my CPanel

20 Sep 2002, 02:57
if you have cpanel it will work

20 Sep 2002, 16:34
I have cpanel and the signup has yet to work for me.

20 Sep 2002, 21:14

have you look in the cpanel under "manage accounts" to see if the email accounts have been created ?

Also Have you changed the $in statement in neowebcreate.php ?

Please let me know..

I have updated the installation file in the zip please redownload and follow it.


20 Sep 2002, 21:17
Originally posted by Shroomboy
my host has neomail for me in my Webmaster CPanel... i have never installed it... would that work... even if i dont have a folder in my FTP for neomail but just have it in my CPanel

If you have cpanel neomail comes with it by default.

the url to neomail would be http://yourdomain/webmail/ make sure you include the trailing /

21 Sep 2002, 02:46
have you gotten it working yet ?

22 Sep 2002, 02:42
One main thing i have been AIMed about it.

If it is not creating the account make sure you check the $in statement in neowebcreate.php

so it makes your theme of cpanel


$in = "GET /frontend/bluelagoon/....

bluelagoon would be my theme.

some people have default some people have ironic

Make sure you check this, it is in teh install.txt file.


22 Sep 2002, 09:50
UPDATE 9-22-02 - Signup feature had a bug which made it so new signups couldn't login to mail. This is fixed please download the new attachment

Blue Moose Aaron
22 Sep 2002, 10:21
Good job Chad. Works perfect now :squareeyed:

23 Sep 2002, 03:08
I have everything working fine now...but I was wondering something.

You have to were you can login, and were you can sign up. But it takes to into the neomail pages. Is there a way to pull the information from the neomail page and put it into the vbulletin forum. So that way the user stays on your site and never has to go into the neomail area...but still gets to use all its features...

This may be too far fetched but just thought I would post it and see what happens.

23 Sep 2002, 04:30
Yeah there probadly is a way but I have no idea bro.

neomail is made in perl not php

24 Sep 2002, 05:41
There was some sort of problem where the sign up would add a new user, but the password would be the cpanel password :o

so I changed the names of the variables defining the cpanel passwords to have auth_ before them. e.g. $auth_username $auth_password, and changed the according references where it sends those credentials to log into the cpanel, and it adds pops fine now.


I changed a lot of the code though (so much that it's almost a completely different hack :)), so I probably can't give accurate line numbers for everyone else to change their copies. I just know that in the hack attached in the first post of this thread, the file to look in is neowebcreate.php.

24 Sep 2002, 05:56
firy the new zip file already had those changes :)

24 Sep 2002, 17:42
Not the one I downloaded...

24 Sep 2002, 21:08
:) download the new one :)

25 Sep 2002, 02:27
I did download that one. The one dated 9-22 right? Cause that's the one
I got.


25 Sep 2002, 19:27
this one

25 Sep 2002, 22:20
Yup, that's the filename I have.

29 Sep 2002, 00:04
I don't know who, but someone that tried creating an email on my site named "gotti" don't do that! I don't offer that yet on my site bro

29 Sep 2002, 00:07
that was me, i am having a problem with this thing...can u help me out

29 Sep 2002, 00:15
yep aim me

19 Oct 2002, 09:12
I have a shared server, CPanel 5, Neomail, vB 2.2.8, will this work?

If so, what will it do, give a link to the user so he can sign up? And do they get to choose what they have @mydomain.com? Or is it their USERNAME? If it isn't their username, please can something be made so it can only be their username? [ie a prefilled field]...

19 Oct 2002, 09:16
The login and signup the only thing they have to input is what username they want to use the domain is already filled in when you edit teh files

19 Oct 2002, 09:19
So they choose the username? like if my username on my forum was "bob" and I went to sign up for this, I could take say, "bobrules" or something? This isn't what I wanted, I wanted it so they do not have the choice of that, I want it so it takes their username [unless it has illegal characters...etc...it should give an error message...], and sticks it like this:

My username: Tha Rock
I sign up for NeoMail and my email address automatically becomes: Tha_Rock@sdsym.net [my domain]...

Cold Steel
30 Apr 2003, 04:36
Does someone have a working example that I could see?

And would users be able to sign up for more than one account? I don't want that to happen.

05 May 2003, 20:07
I get a white page when anyone trys to sign up. The login works but not the sign up page



11 May 2003, 12:53
after 2 hours of going over the code.. I have come to the conclusion that this does not work with cpanel themes xcontroller theme.. I switched it to blue lagoon and *bam*

11 May 2003, 21:21
I have about 90% of this rewritten and will release my own version sometime today. My version does not require the database make and forces the username they are registered with.

Crazy Pete
16 May 2003, 17:46
I'd be interested in seeing this, looks like quite a nice hack!

16 May 2003, 21:41
I am having the same problem, None of my users can log in. Someone please help!

Crazy Pete
25 May 2003, 16:56
Anyone? vB-Host, how'd your rewrite go?

23 Oct 2003, 07:06
could you do one for horde?

03 Nov 2003, 08:03
is there an admin option to not allow signup? i would like to only give this to a few people on my forums...

13 Sep 2004, 21:27
I wonder is the re-write Vb Host is talking about going to be for VB2 or VB3????

Anyone know anymore

18 Sep 2004, 21:57
is it possible to install on VB 3?

02 Nov 2004, 12:17
Any news on this, is this a vb 3 hack?

03 Nov 2004, 15:08
This would be great if this was ported to VB3. :)

10 Jul 2005, 14:05
Yeah - id use this on VB3 defo if someone can port it ?