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Mystic Gohan
15 Sep 2002, 13:37
Well you see all the good vB hacks we have and/or that are in development.

Leasane(sp) Store Hack how many people love this hack? or The Upcoming RPG Hack. and vB3 comes out. I not for sure on this but will any of vB2 hacks work with vB3. I mean all these hacks we have now would pretty much be worthless.

If I am wrong just tell me and I will delete thread

15 Sep 2002, 13:43
People with a crap load of hacks probably won't upgrade until a decent amount of hacks are converted to vb3.

And some people aren't even going to update to vb3.

So I don't see these hacks going away.

Mystic Gohan
15 Sep 2002, 13:50
really? I might not upgrade right away unless they have some good options in there I wanna work with a demo version before anything else but yea dont you think it would be hard to convert some of the hacks?

Chris M
15 Sep 2002, 14:04
Who knows Mystic...

The Coding for vB3 is going to be alot different to vB2...


15 Sep 2002, 16:23
I dont remme which staff said about this but hackers will have to update the hacks due to different codes but I wonder will they update?

As for me, I ll not update 2.2.6 to 3.0 though.. until all of hacks that I used update to work with 3.0 Also as for any new always come up with bugs, problems, etc.. so I rather to wait and let others deal with bugs or problems with 3.0 until they iron it out then I ll use 3.0 (or 3.1, 3.2 etc..) :p

15 Sep 2002, 17:03
Well the only hacks I ever installed on my board are going to be built-in to vB3 so I'm upgrading as soon as the beta is out! And then I might add more hacks but I cant think of any that I'd want to add right now.

I like to keep a nice simple board, nothing fancy. It works good for me and most(if not all) of my members like it that way too..

15 Sep 2002, 17:05
as chen said some time ago, none of the hacks are useless.
there are surely people which won't upgrade to vb3.

also some hacks are already included in vb3
and i think hacks which are used very ofter will be updated.
if not by the author, then anotherone will do it with the authors permission

so no panic ;)

Chris M
15 Sep 2002, 20:46
I suppose...

It just depends on how many people will give up;)


16 Sep 2002, 18:25
When IS vB3 going to come out?

16 Sep 2002, 18:30
there is no final dateline now.

it's done when it's done ;)
it depends on the beta period...

16 Sep 2002, 18:57
Hmm, im waiting till 3.1 comes out personally so everything will have been sorted out in 3.0 ^_-

16 Sep 2002, 21:30
I'll probably not upgrade to vB3 straight away but i'm not sure. If it looks very promising I might though :D

I don't really mind about the hacks though :)

16 Sep 2002, 22:17
I think a lot of the larger hacks will work ok with vb3, assuming that you are willing to work with the code a bit. Most large hacks rely on a lot of their own code and not so much on vB's code, so it's just a matter of finding the right spots to insert little things.

I dunno what everybody is so scared about... :)

16 Sep 2002, 23:39
I assume that templates will just be imported over... I hope. :) It's not the big hacks I'm worried about, it's all the small custom ones I have put into vB2 (some of which have been there for so long I can't even remember what is code and what is hack).

22 Sep 2002, 20:02
I love my hacks! In a platonic way, that is. I'm waiting until my biggest hacks are updated, for sure.