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Chris M
15 Sep 2002, 20:40
In accordance with the Neomail thing, this allows you to access your Squirrelmail login on the forums. It adds your header, footer and headinclude data, and allows you to give special details to your members, such as their login username information etc...

Test site : http://www.darkblazes.com/forums/mail.php

All files needed are attached in the .zip file:)

A screenshot is coming next;)


Chris M
15 Sep 2002, 20:41


15 Sep 2002, 20:48
wow this looks exactly like the one I made for neomail !

15 Sep 2002, 20:50
or almost exactly :)

Chris M
15 Sep 2002, 21:02

Sorry...I didnt know;)

This is Squirrelmail based:)


15 Sep 2002, 22:10
heh, I use squirrelmail, I may try it later.


15 Sep 2002, 22:12
So does this integrate the vbulletin user base with squirrelmail user database? I know for a fact you use ensim ;) and Ensim uses the Users as mail boxes, so I am wondering how it works.


15 Sep 2002, 23:02
We use SquirrelMail, but how would you login remotely to 8 servers? ;)

Webmasta XT
16 Sep 2002, 00:00
is there a way to allow users to signup with Squirrelmail?

Chris M
17 Sep 2002, 15:46
@Webmasta -

I am currently working on this...It would be a great use:)

Unfortunately, I can only add email addresses via the Admin Control Panel...:(


17 Sep 2002, 16:23
hehe, shouldn't you edit your sig? It says that you're not here until Friday 20th September and cannot provide support. ;):D

18 Sep 2002, 15:41
This is just what I needed....Thank you!!!

20 Sep 2002, 14:47
It would be very helpful if people could Sign up to squirrelmail accounts :D

Chris M
20 Sep 2002, 16:03
@Lesane - I said that as a General Notice : I wont be officially online until today...

It just happened that I got online @ School on Tuesday, and yesterday evening:D

@thenetbox - I will try and see what I can do:)


20 Sep 2002, 16:11
well in my son !!!! been wanting this for ages.

Big Daddy Chemo
19 Oct 2002, 08:50
How does the user access the login page from the forum index? There are no visible links....do I need to add a line or two somewhere?

Chris M
19 Oct 2002, 16:36
That is purely up to you;)

You could add a Link in the "footer" template, or in the "usercp" template...

I personally do not link to it on my forums...I prefer to be one of the only people to know about it, other than Arunan:)


02 Nov 2002, 23:15
Good hack :tup: I have squirrelmail at my site.. But your link is dead XD

Thanks for this hack! Also what about this:

Originally posted by Webmasta XT
is there a way to allow users to signup with Squirrelmail?
I d like to have that in your hack..

03 Nov 2002, 04:53
very cool, installed, worked first time, thanks :D

Chris M
03 Nov 2002, 12:43
No problems;)

@Goldknight - Unfortunately, It appears that most people (including myself) who have Squirrelmail Webmail, have an Ensim Admin Control Panel...

This, according to my host, controls all mail and subdomain information, including htaccess files and users, and therefore it would be very difficult to make a signup hack;)

I can, however, make a signup form, for those of you who could add accounts manually;)


03 Nov 2002, 15:31
For some of you who might be getting a blank page when people in the groups other than admin try to access mail.php, just open mail.php and edit the groups in this line with the groups you want to have access :D (6):

if ($bbuserinfo[usergroupid]==2 or $bbuserinfo[usergroupid]==5 or $bbuserinfo[usergroupid]==6 or $bbuserinfo[usergroupid]==7 or $bbuserinfo[usergroupid]==8) {

- Adrian

04 Dec 2002, 19:23
I can, however, make a signup form, for those of you who could add accounts manually

I would like that if you still don't mind doing it. Thanks!

05 Dec 2002, 18:54
Is it possible to add a hack to vb that will check for new mail and post how many new mail messages they have as well?

18 Feb 2003, 11:32
I'm having some trouble getting users to log into the mail.php version when they cn log into the normail squirrelmail page.

will have another look at it.