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17 Sep 2002, 03:46
Have a role playing game where people have characters with differnt names than thier own. Does it ever confuse you? What about those members who don't play the rp, must they choose a name when they don't want to play it... well then this hack is for you. If not then don't complain.

For a live demo:http://www.digitalkore.net/forums/

i will post a screen capture in my next post.

17 Sep 2002, 03:47

17 Sep 2002, 03:50
your the best zaj

17 Sep 2002, 04:24
Nice hack but I just made a profile field for their RPG Character Name and they don't have to fill it out if they don't want to.

17 Sep 2002, 05:35
Very cool. I seem to be having trouble with my PROFILE Fields appearing but this worked just fine. :)

17 Sep 2002, 05:41
WHy not just use a new porfile field. I mean how hard is it to make a new one and then put $post[fieldX] in the postbit temp?

17 Sep 2002, 11:31
He does, but it takes 1 file edit. Why? So that if they did not eneter anything, the field would not show up.

17 Sep 2002, 23:36
You rock man!

18 Sep 2002, 05:44
Zaj, it's either all or nothing with you. You either release a huge hack, like the Hotel Hack, or the issues hack, or an itty bitty one like the minimum characters hack...Never a normal in-between hack LOL...

Anyway, this looks ok, but I'd have to ask the same thing as Neo, I think it'd be much easier than doing a file edit, but hey, I'm not complaining...Any hack is good, for us still learning, it's an insight on how things work that we may or may not have known before...

I was considering making a profile field for the RPG names of my users, but most of them are ok w/ just using thier screen name. I'm sure this'll come in handy for some ;)

18 Sep 2002, 17:09
he made the hack for me cuz i ask him to, ^_^ bah u pplz are way to picky

19 Sep 2002, 07:26
Really people.. i would rather have nothing show up than a BLANK field in the postbit called Name: _____________ That looks horrible. This way if its not filled in even that wont show up. I mean hell, its 1 paste into functions.php... its not like its gonna take you 20 mins to install it. Every RPG or board with a name feature should use this so it doesnt look sloppy.

19 Sep 2002, 13:49
thank you colon33 for your support on this.

This is indeed made so it does not look sloppy, i never said its anything advanced. It is made so that people know other peoples rp name but not everyone that posts rp, so they don't have these stats. you could also add the post bit for other hacks liek the stat hacks as part of the variable to displey the name so that only people with rp names have hp / mp bars. just a suggestion.

but this is mainly to keep the screen clear of not needed things and blan responces. You can also use this for the mood hacks so that if they have no mood to show it does not appear(just thought of that one :P)

Mystic Gohan
21 Sep 2002, 03:55
I like weather or not I will use is another question heh I might but might not I could use this for a few different things though and nice you threw a if code into there that is what I use with my Quick Reply. Nice Hack.