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17 Sep 2002, 21:32

There's a lot of details there, recently two of my admins left :( so I really need more! It's a wrestling related site so it would help if you have experience in posting at a wrestling forum...not exactly watching wrestling though! Because none of the admins actually watch wrestling, but I just need an admin to be honest, but it helps if they're interested in the topic even though most of the discussion is extremely off topical, ie. general discussion....

Please PM me if youre interested!

17 Sep 2002, 21:49
Most of us have sites our selves, so I doubt we can't be and let me quote this "DEDICATED FULLY", nor can most of us afford to dedicate the little time we are online. Or afford 10$ :p

Anyways, what I am getting at is, this may not be the wisest place to post a job offer where they get -10$ a month.

Good Luck

17 Sep 2002, 21:52
Originally posted by DrkFusion
Anyways, what I am getting at is, this may not be the wisest place to post a job offer where they get -10$ a month.

Where they pay $10 you mean :rolleyes:

17 Sep 2002, 21:59
Well I meant, the administrator that gets hired gets payed -10$ a month :)

17 Sep 2002, 22:01
Which makes no sense since they don't :ermm:

17 Sep 2002, 22:12
Hey all! (my first post)

I'll have a look at administraiting your site, free of course, i have good experiance with V. Bulliten, Invisible & Ikonboard boards!

E-mail me on justin.boswick@ntlworld.com

if you still need one

17 Sep 2002, 22:17
Bozzaholic, please go to this (http://www.vbulletin.com/members/vbulletin.org.php) page and enter your username, to show you are licensed. (you will need to use your customer number and password to access that page)
Thank you.

17 Sep 2002, 23:05
Originally posted by NTLDR
Which makes no sense since they don't :ermm:
It was a little joke if you see http://www.sdsym.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6694
it says "You will need to be able to pay at least $10 or 7.50 per month [may decrease/increase]"

17 Sep 2002, 23:37
Originally posted by DrkFusion

It was a little joke

lol, I thought it may be, but I wasn't sure ;) its late here.

18 Sep 2002, 16:16
admins on my site pay towards hosting etc. and become a part of the team we have/had since a few left. They get access to everything etc., ie. become a "friend" in a way...it's admins are all equal in other words.

19 Sep 2002, 04:41
already said this elsewhere, but it would make more sense if you paid them ;)

19 Sep 2002, 20:47
You know the times are tough when YOU have to pay somebody to work for them.