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19 Sep 2002, 04:17
I've been all over the vbulletin.com web site, and have e-mailed them about any possible way to upload more than one image in a post. I was referred to the vbulletin.org site to look for a hack. I've not purchased the software yet, as it would not serve the purpose for me if multiple image uploads is not possible.

Is there a hack available that would allow for multiple image uploading for the posters computer to the forum?

Thanks very much.

19 Sep 2002, 11:38

it is coded, but i don't know if it's released by the author, you should ask the admin after you have purchased your vb

20 Sep 2002, 04:14
Color me stupid, but I should ask the admin where? This site? Or the vbulletin.com site?

Thanks for your help, and I'm glad that there is a way to add multiple images, cause the software is absolutely no good to us without that capability. Actually, I'm just doing the legwork in locating a new forum software for a friend, so it would be him doing the purchasing and installing. I would be one of the admins once it's up and running.

Thanks again.

20 Sep 2002, 14:18
you should ask the gfxart.net admin.

it's his code i think ;)