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19 Sep 2002, 14:13
Ok this was posted at WHT, vb.com, and my site, bbadmins.com.

I'm not spamming this but I am tryin to let different crowds know that I'm doing this. So for those that visit any of the sites above, this isn't meant to be spam, it's just that some people visit this site and not vb.com, vice versa and so on...

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody might like to get a dedicated server with me. At this point I'm not getting down to specifics of what you get, I'm just seeing if anybody is interested in the idea. If you are, then we can talk specifics. Of course I'd be willing to pay more per month that the partner(s).

I have some servers I'm looking at and are great deals and stuff, and I figured if you needed hosting, or hosting with more features/bandwidth, whatever, this might be good.

I'm not a web host trying to sell services, just a guy seeing if anybody is interested in this idea. I apologize in advance to anybody who thinks I'm trying to play web host and sell them something.


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