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19 Sep 2002, 15:39
K, do not know if this is interesting but if it is let me know and I will make a hack-manual...

Throuhg my hack you can add Banners to your subforums. It will add an extra column to your subforum and in your Admin CP you can fill out the image and link to which the image should refer to.

You can do this per sub-forum..see my snapshots...

Let me know what you think...

HACK NOW ONLINE CLICK HERE!!! (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?postid=301025#post301025)

19 Sep 2002, 16:19
1. i don't need it.
2. wrong forum.

(i say #1 just b/c you'd eventually rls it for me maybe i don't say i don't need it :D)

19 Sep 2002, 17:00
It would be GREAT for my forum.

Will u release it? ;)

19 Sep 2002, 17:02
Jep, I am going to adjust a few minor things and then write the manual...should be online in two hours or so...

19 Sep 2002, 18:12

19 Sep 2002, 19:07
see snapshot

19 Sep 2002, 20:00
It's sorta like that "sponsered by" hack release by someone else some time ago. Neat idea :p

20 Sep 2002, 02:20
yup good one, the other only does the main forums...it looks like this does the subforums right?

20 Sep 2002, 02:25
I think we might try and use it. I'll discuss with partners.. :) looks really nice!

20 Sep 2002, 05:20
lol one of my members wanted me to do something like this on my forums a little while ago ^^ I might install this. Probably not though.

20 Sep 2002, 07:08
You can use it on the forumhomepage also!!! You need to do some Template Adjustments...

If you like I can post it here...let me know.


20 Sep 2002, 11:59
I'd like to add this to the MAIN forums page and the same banners to be used onto the subforums too... but only administered once. Is that possible?

20 Sep 2002, 12:41
Here is the HACK 2 download:

20 Sep 2002, 13:16
- - - Template adjustment for BANNERS on HOMEPAGE also - - -
- 1 - Login in to your CP of Vbulletin
- 2 - Go to Forum Home PAGE Templates
- 3 - Go to forumhomedisplay
- 4 - Search for <td bgcolor="#1D6AA0" width="80%" align="left"><smallfont color="#EEEEFF"><b>Forum</b></smallfont></td>
- 5 - BELOW that add <td bgcolor="#1D6AA0"><smallfont color="#EEEEFF"><b>Banners</b></smallfont></td>
- 6 - Save Changes
- 7 - Go to forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost
- 8 - Change colspan="6" into colspan="7"
- 9 - Save Changes
-10- Go to forumhome_forumbit_level2_post
-11- Search for <td bgcolor="#1C5780"><normalfont>$forum[replycount]</normalfont></td>
-12- ABOVE that add <td bgcolor="#13486D"><normalfont><a href=$forum[bannerlink]><img border="0"src="$forum[banner]"></a></normalfont></td>
-13- Save Changes
-14- Go to forumhome_loggedinusers
-15- Change colspan="6" into colspan="7" (do this twice!)
-16- Save Changes
-17- Go to Forums & Moderators in the navigationpanel on your left
-18- Go to any forum and click the edit link
-20- Scoll down to Banners and fill out the two required boxes

I uploaded a banner called bannertest.jpg to my /images folder on my site www.inventoruser.nl where Vbulletin is.
So the Insert link to banner image is http://www.inventorusers.nl/images/bannertest.jpg
So the Insert link to banner site is http://www.inventorusers.nl

Save Changes and you are done...

See my snapshot "Banners on homepage"!!!

20 Sep 2002, 13:27
Snapshot Banners on Homepage

22 Sep 2002, 13:26
/me will install it ASAP!

Webmasta XT
22 Sep 2002, 16:14
nice idea, but very very useless for me..

26 Sep 2002, 05:34
I don't understand the function of this hack.

Where in the image example is the banner that has been added??

26 Sep 2002, 07:08
You upload your banner(s) to your image folder on the server!

Then in the control panel you go to modify forums and then on any forum you have you can click on the edit button. Then at the bottem there is the section where you can add you links to the bannerimage and which link the banner should have.

See snapshot also!