View Full Version : Pre sale question (users webspace)

21 Sep 2002, 20:58
right, im askgn on behalf of the admin of www.300zx.co.uk. We are upgrading server and are considering vBulletin software. Only one question though. the current system has a users rides area. Which is basically webspace for the users to put pictures of their cars on. It is at www.300zx.co.uk/rides/[username]. There is a page where you can upload the files, and edit html/text files.
Is there a mod out there to do a similar thing for vBulletin?

Thanx :)

21 Sep 2002, 21:37
I believe Velocd made a modification that allows the user to have a webpage, Im not sure if it was Velocd or someone else, but I believe it does what you need.