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21 Sep 2002, 20:44
I just got a new computer, a G4 Power mac, new model, Cd-rw, DVD, 2 firewire ports, 2 usb ports, and some other ports.

17" LCD Screen (looks like a 19", cuz its huge) with amazing display

Anyways just wanted to tell everyone :)
Also if anyone knows how to connect macs to pc servers on a network to take files and save files please tell me.

I have 4 computers, 3 pcs, and 1 mac,

All 4 computers, I have sharing the net, 3 of the computers share files, printers, scanners, and drives, I do not have much experience with mac Configuration (but I was able to share net :))

Anyways I would really appreciate it


21 Sep 2002, 20:56
My new G4 will be arriving in about 2 weeks and joining my 4 PC's and Zaurus in the network so I should have some advice for you then :)

21 Sep 2002, 21:43

I have 2 more comps not networked they are yet to be networked, another desktop pc and a Tosiba labtop

MY ISP said we can't network internet yet I did it :)

I really need to get my mac networked with the other pcs t share files.

By the way it would be faster if you go to your local computer store and order your mac, they are able to process orders faster then you can do through email or mail.


21 Sep 2002, 21:47
I got the custom built 1.25 gigahertz G4, and went through a person at
MacZones who got me good deal. He's the sales guy for a company I work
with :) Lead time on the custom-builts was 3 weeks or so.

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22 Sep 2002, 04:09
UHh Isn't custom built Macs not alowed to be sold?
Apple.com and mac.com are the only ones who sell custom mac comps I believe. 1.25 ghz? Mac doesn't have computers for sale over 1 ghz, you cannot find public sales of over 1 ghz, 800 mghz used in mac compares up to the average pc proccessing speed of 1.33 ghz, macs are made to preform better, I think you mean 850mghz, cuz that compares to a pc spead of 1.2 ghz to 1.442ghz. But you can get PowerMacs at speeds of 1.25, not imacs though. I dunno where you are getting your imac, or I think you meant powermac. I got a powermac g4, they are much more powerful than the new iMac, and the educational eMac, and the Apple Server Basic 1.

If you didn't know there is also iMac g4 this was the model being produced before the PowerMac model, on the 2100 model code.

Isn't MacZone a computer store? Also Apply has patents to its mac, so it cannot be custom built and then sold, but it can be custom built for personal use.

Apple usually take up to 1 month to make custom macs, if youve ever picked up one of the new model g4 towers, you would know that they make it out of rock or something lol.

OK I know everything above is full of jibberish but...who cares

22 Sep 2002, 04:15
You wouldn't happen to know where to get a nice 12 port hub for a very low price would you?


22 Sep 2002, 04:52
Apple now sells dual 1.25 ghz G4's, the top configuration is custom
built from Apple. MacZones isn't a store, but an online store and they
are a full Apple retailer.

Trust me, I did my research. MacZones does the full educational discount
too. I used the same rep the band I work with does for all their
computer needs for ProTools and the like.

22 Sep 2002, 12:42
Ah ok, so that would mean you are getting a Power Mac?

I got a 1ghz powermac, if you ever network and share files between pc and mac tell me please...