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23 Sep 2002, 04:27
I'm looking for a good bullettin...
I like vbulletin but i don't arrive to understand if is possible to change forum language from english to italian.
It's possible?
Also are there many vbulletin style set?
Where is possible to download some vbulletin style set?

23 Sep 2002, 11:47
there can you download stylesets

also you can edit every little part of vb so yes you can completly change language to italian by yourself.

you can also check the language pcks forum here perhaps there is an italian one already

23 Sep 2002, 20:01
I've allready tryed to find it on www.vbulletintemplates.com and i've left also a post on this forum, but i don't arrive to find italian templates for vbulletin...

23 Sep 2002, 21:28
well there are no official language support for vb2, i just know vbulletin-germany a german support with language files.

for vb3 more langueages should be supported.

you can also ask another admin of an italian vb-site if you can use his templates so you don't have to translate yourself..

24 Sep 2002, 16:25
I've allready contacted all italian admin founded reading this forum but anyone answer me. I must wait VB3 to buy it to install a vbulletin for italian people that not speak english (like me)?