View Full Version : Who plays RPG games?

23 Sep 2002, 08:01
we have a nice one made on our site, Called Mutanic, its free to play and we need more players,If you would like to come and play here
is the link, http://www.fiendworld.com/game.php it doesnt run off templates, totally seperate from vb, allthough you
might have to register at the board to play, iono.

23 Sep 2002, 11:14
Ummm why would I join if there is no preview of it?

23 Sep 2002, 12:03
whats a preview? like a screen?

ill add one

23 Sep 2002, 12:07
i took two

23 Sep 2002, 12:08
second 1

i really dont understand, but I play cause it seems fun

23 Sep 2002, 12:14
Thats pretty cool. Did you make that?

24 Sep 2002, 00:24
me and my friend, if you join let us know, I always seen you with the rpg hacks and stuff, you can join our crew or start your own, all i do is battle people and try to kick some ass :)

24 Sep 2002, 02:07
would u consider puttin this up for d/l?