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23 Sep 2002, 15:08
I wrote this Hack just a few Minutes ago. It is a very small one, but i needed the Changes, so you may also need and use it.

It Adds an Option in the Database-Backup that allows you to Choose the Kind of Deleting the Data in the Database before Inserting.

Normally there will be in fromt of the INSERT Statements the Query DROP TABLE IF EXIST and the neccessary CREATE TABLE Statement. With this Hack you can Choose to DELETE the Content of the Table only. So a DELETE FROM 'table' will be set in the Dump. This may help ou by Backup your Database, Install a Hack with Strukture-Changes and then wirtes back the Dump. If you writes back a DUMP with DROP Table, you mus renew your Hack, with the DELETE Option you can directly Insert the Data.

I plan to add more Options with the Time.

23 Sep 2002, 15:08
Heres a Screenshot.

23 Sep 2002, 15:11
And the File in German.

24 Sep 2002, 04:23
I like the concept of this hack but under what circumstances would this be needed?

24 Sep 2002, 06:00
lol yeah, maybe if I had use for it then this would be a good hack. Plus my database, as most others probably are, is too big and the download just times out and I never get the back up.

24 Sep 2002, 08:17
The actual Forum is 2.2.2 and I just build a new Portal around the 2.2.7 and many other Hacks are included in the New Site.
With this Option it is easier to Move the Database because the Structure of the New one has Changed a lot. So if I do the Dump with DELETE before INSERT the Data is only deleted and the structure is the same. If I use the original Dump my new Structure is gone and I have to aplly all Database Changes again.
To make this Hack was faster.

And why not share? Perhaps somebody may find it useful, too.