View Full Version : Phpinfo and MySQL info (Admin cp integration)

26 Sep 2002, 08:08
This is a very simple hack, heck i wouldent even call it a hack, more like a mini tip ;)

This hack provides two new links in the admin cp, one to your phpinfo, the second to mySQL info.

i made this for myself sometime ago so i would always have a quick link to my phpinfo/mySQL info if i ever needed it :)

To install:

in admin/index.php


makenavoption("vBulletin Options","options.php?t=0","<br>");


makenavoption("vBulletin Options","options.php?t=0","<br>");
makenavoption("Your MySQL info","mysql.php?","<br />");
makenavoption("Your PHP info","index.php?action=phpinfo","<br />");

Upload the attached file to your root/admin and your done. (note: this is the mysqlinfo.php file from the extra's folder int he vB zip. i only made it look like the cp, all code credit gose to the vBulletin team :) )

26 Sep 2002, 08:11
:confused: heres the file

Silenced Soul
26 Sep 2002, 13:33
Very nice, may come in useful sometime.

26 Sep 2002, 15:56
hmm, why can't i download the file?
i only see the placeholder for a image
i use ie6.0 thats the prob?

26 Sep 2002, 16:00
you should be able to download the file

try to reload

26 Sep 2002, 17:35
Useful hack

/me install since this hack is support

30 Sep 2002, 19:46
tnks .. its nice to see whats going on inside the minde of a machine ;)

31 Mar 2003, 14:22
Nice and simple but could come in handy.

/me clicks install :cool:.

31 Mar 2003, 14:40
Installed - very nice :)

31 Mar 2003, 14:45
nice one, little and usefull :)

Mr. X
04 Apr 2003, 07:26
Yep, nice little addition to the cp.


27 Apr 2003, 14:19
anything that makes life easier is fine by me - installed :)

04 Jan 2005, 09:04
Anyone know if this will work in vB 3.0.4 still?