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26 Sep 2002, 19:36
Is it legal to hand over VB hacks to other non-vb users? I have no proof since AIM reboot itself anyway I have the interestin convo with few ibf hackers. Reason I decide to IM some of these ibf hackers since I notice lately that every time vb hackers made new hacks and in few days later, ibf hackers made these hacks for ibf in similiar looks or structure of codes.

So I asked few users and they mentioned two hackers from this forum who hand over the vb hacks to these hackers to rebuild these hacks to work with ibf. They even mention one hacker's name at here so I wonder is it legal to hand over the hacks to them and let them rebuilt it? I know that hackers here are hotheaded about any vb hacker who took their hacks to add or rebuilt without permission but what about ibf hackers who took vb hackers' hacks?

I know that if I report to staffs here but I dont know if they will do something about it since two reasons are.. no proof of AIM convo and it is probably that there are more than just two hackers here who hand over the vb hacks anyway so how can they weed them out?

So is it legal or not?

26 Sep 2002, 19:40
"All hacks are copyright their respective owners."
So if someone took code away from here, changes a small bit to fit into ibf software, it's not legal if they haven't asked the original Author, because they use some of his code.

If they just get the idea here and code the hacks semself it would be legal.

26 Sep 2002, 19:49
Wow that s fast response!

Ok thanks for answer but is it legal to "hand over" the vb hacks? Correct me if I m wrong...

Since I m legal vb user and I like Member A's "Hack A" and want to add this hack to ibf then download it and hand over "Hack A" to ibf hackers and ask them to look at and rebuilt "Hack A" to work with ibf, it is consider as illegal right?

If so how can I stop others to do that? Is there any solution for this?

26 Sep 2002, 19:57
you cannot download a hack here and give it out to other people, that would violate the copyright (at least here in germany, i think it's the same in US).

But you can say the hack has this and this and this features, try to implement them in ibf.

"If so how can I stop others to do that? Is there any solution for this?"
That's always the problem, normally copyright violations goes to court, but the question is: is it worth?
There are noe easy methods to stop such persons

26 Sep 2002, 20:00
ok, thanks for responding :) It is not fair if someone do that to vb hackers since they spend lots of time to get it work on VB only. Anyway thanks