View Full Version : Want to edit the style like this forum, HOW guys?

28 Sep 2002, 02:30
Hey on this forum http://www.jdmcivic.com/forums/index.php they have a long header image across their board, then their own buttons below, how do i adjust my tables or style so that I can put my own header image and buttons in the same mannger? What template is it or whatever? Also, see the way they have your profile at the top, with your avatar and such, where is this hack or template to play with? I know this is alot to ask, thank you in advance to anyone that can help, i love this board its so helpful! :)

Thanks alot!


28 Sep 2002, 03:07
When in doubt, look at the HTML!

28 Sep 2002, 03:29
Bah, that's harder than just editing the templates :( Help! :(

Hahah...thanks anywayz but I'd rather get some help with editing of templates - the HTML is all over the place.