View Full Version : Would You Eat it?

28 Sep 2002, 19:42
You're at a nice restaurant, eating a salad. It's one of the best you've had. Then you find a bug. What do you do?

28 Sep 2002, 20:25
Bug? I ll shove the salad in waiter's throat and get new one. Health safety is stirict protocal for any resturant so we will get new one without any complains from waiter whenever show the salad with bug in it.

I voted "Send it back and get another one" Also some bugs DOES carry the virus/diseases (West Nile is one of them...), so enjoy your infected life, nice to know you. Ciao, Arriverderci, Sayonara, Bye-bye!

28 Sep 2002, 21:45
LOL I'd pick it out and play with it if I'm bored :D

28 Sep 2002, 22:24
I eat it up and will spitt the 28 pieces of the destroyed bug in the face of the waiter. :D

28 Sep 2002, 22:27
Complain to the relevant local health authorities.

28 Sep 2002, 22:39
Even though I have eaten bugs as food (crickets) I would still ask for my money back since I am at a nice place.

29 Sep 2002, 00:33
Ask for my money back, ive eatin bugs before, crickets just like neo. but meh a bug in my food at a nice place just dosent work for me :p