View Full Version : Good domain?

[vb] J'Søby
29 Sep 2002, 07:47
I want to order my own domain for a forum (vb of course), but I have no good ideas. I wanbt to be a "host" for other boards, so that people only have to register once, and go to whatever their interests are, without having to register another lace. Any good ideas for a domain? Something that people don't need to search tofind, something that people just try.

29 Sep 2002, 09:25
Keywords, with and without dashes, that is related to your forum topic.

[vb] J'Søby
30 Sep 2002, 06:28
Yeah... How about myforums.com? Does anyone try that?

30 Sep 2002, 07:49
That's probably taken. :) Most good names are taken... but if you know where to look you can get some good ones left too.