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02 Oct 2002, 00:04
i was tring this today today to see if i could find who was active and who was not.

Now your all done it will now tell you when a user was Last Active

i am currently working on fixing the 0-Posters hack to work with VBB 2.2.7 + so it show all the different kind of users like 0-Posters and non active and active and users with 1 post so say if you have 100 members it will divide them so they only add up to 100 :D.....

Hope you like if you do please click the Install button :D.....

02 Oct 2002, 01:02
mind putting this in a txt file?

02 Oct 2002, 01:18
ok d00d will do :D

02 Oct 2002, 01:21
done :D

02 Oct 2002, 10:19
please reupload the file, and don't use the edit link in the post, because that'll convert all replacementvars ..

02 Oct 2002, 11:07
d00d its right in the txt file :D

02 Oct 2002, 20:40
a screen?

02 Oct 2002, 21:24
Originally posted by Jadelit
a screen?

here you go d00d :D

02 Oct 2002, 22:32
it work with 226?

02 Oct 2002, 22:40
I am getting this problem when installed.

view ss

it isnt showing the Post my users have done anymore

and on your SS it shows what day they were last on, not the days ago

02 Oct 2002, 23:43
have you done this step

in your memberlistbit template find:


and replace with

$userinfo[datejoined] $userinfo[lastactive]

then save....

03 Oct 2002, 00:07
that isnt in my instructions

03 Oct 2002, 01:06
i did that as you said, and still same problem

03 Oct 2002, 02:31
Originally posted by Da_GoTTi
i did that as you said, and still same problem

It looks like you forgot to add an extra column. Work backwards, uninstalling the hack, and then reinstall it. It works fine for me...I like it. Thanks :)

03 Oct 2002, 16:35
i put this on 2.2.6, isthat ok?

03 Oct 2002, 21:30
d00d it should be there was no majoy chages in 2.2.7

03 Oct 2002, 21:31
d00d send me your Memberlist template i will fix it :D

10 Oct 2002, 23:25
the bar just above the post colum is slightly a diffrent color than the rest, but it installed and works great for me. Any idea on a fix for that bar?


11 Oct 2002, 12:02
d00d to fix that go in your Memberlist template and find

<td bgcolor="{categorybackcolor}" colspan="6">

and change it

<td bgcolor="{categorybackcolor}" colspan="7">

that should fix the colour problem d00d :D

23 Jan 2003, 03:03
Is there a way to add also "Last posted:" (the date of his last post) and "Last visited" (the date of the user's last log in to the forum)??