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Dark Jim
06 Oct 2002, 20:25
With this hack users have a maximum number of characters they can enter in their signature. They can buy more signature space in the store. By default the starting maximum number of characters is 100 and you need to pay 500 points for an additional 50 characters. :D

The store hack is required for this hack and you can find it here: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36991&highlight=store

This hack is based upon this hack: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36768&highlight=signature+maximum

I have a 2.2.7 version at the moment and only 1 database so I haven't tested this on 2.2.8 although I'm pretty sure it works with that one as well. :)

Updated on 10/11/02: Fixed an error.

Chris M
06 Oct 2002, 20:58
Looks good...:)


07 Oct 2002, 01:40
*dies* ......................................

Dark Jim
07 Oct 2002, 07:50
Originally posted by Neo
*dies* ......................................

07 Oct 2002, 08:28
I am still waiting for Neo to release the Lesane store for Lesane store hack.

Dark Jim
07 Oct 2002, 09:57

Well I think the store hack is a great addition and wanted more stuff to be buyable. Maybe I'll add the custom whos online location too and make it buyable. :D

07 Oct 2002, 16:06
Hmmm.. I mean you have to buy the store to use the store... and thats all you can do is buy the store since hence it will never take you to the store to buy the addons.. and as for a suggestion.. I would stick with trying to make other hacks... the addons for the store hack is getting so stupid its driving me mad >(

Dean C
07 Oct 2002, 18:41
this is a cool idea...

- miSt

08 Oct 2002, 03:14
I LOVE the store add ons! Keep 'em coming!

08 Oct 2002, 18:06
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well now there we go ,that's much better :D

good job on this add-on , I love seeing improvements to the store ,it's one of the best hacks out there.

08 Oct 2002, 22:06
indeed...very cool.. mist.. holla at me about this ;) i'd like to expand ours

\ \ - Speedy - / /
11 Oct 2002, 02:27
I followed this to the T, and EVERYTHING work's fine (I have 228) it shows up in the store, it says theres to many things if you have more than 100 carreters, but when I try to buy more, it gives me an error

Database error in vBulletin 2.2.8:

Invalid SQL: SELECT userid,username,storep,vanitytitle,siglength FROM user WHERE userid=1
mysql error: Unknown column 'vanitytitle' in 'field list'

mysql error number: 1054

Date: Friday 11th of October 2002 02:26:48 AM

So what does this mean???

Dark Jim
11 Oct 2002, 10:08
It means I made a mistake by putting my custom title hack column in there.

To fix, replace in store.php vanitytitle with usertitle.

I updated the instructions to fix this.

\ \ - Speedy - / /
11 Oct 2002, 11:15
ok thanx, when i get home from school I will try this out! and tell you if it fixs the problem ;) (I have not FTP access here lol, so of couse I would have to wait untill I got home.)

\ \ - Speedy - / /

16 Oct 2002, 13:52
Great addon Dark Jim. Keep them coming. :)

23 Oct 2002, 09:21
Great add-on Jim. But I've just got one problem. I add all the templates, do the neccessary file edits, and then nothing appears in the store. There isn't an extra box saying 'Buy More Signature Space' or whatever. Is there a link I need to find out?

The edit has been done to store.php, and I'm running 2.2.8.

10 Nov 2002, 23:15
works fine, thank you :)

Dark Jim
18 Jan 2003, 22:53
Just a small update to change the variable $moresiglength[] or whatever it was to $contest[] just like the other store items.

And Graphics, (although you probably won't see this after 3 months, sorry about that), if you followed the instructions this cannot happen. Not sure what you did wrong.

27 Jan 2004, 03:49
lol, hey Dark jim, just installed your hack... and I get a problem. After installing it and making it appear on the store (which I had to do by editing the Store Options on my Admin CP) I clicked it and nothing appears.... I mean, the store_siglength_verify template isnīt loading. Iīve installed it three times and still nothing happens... the curious thing is that when I go to the store_siglength_increase template by the URL it works and it increases my ammount.... so.... how to fix this??? X.X

Hereīs my Store url: http://zelda.wi3k.net/foro/store.php