View Full Version : Flashing notice to user when too many old PMs in message box

11 Oct 2002, 18:04
*** i did do a search and i don't think this hack has been done already if it has I' m sorry ;)*****

This is one of my pet peeve's, And I just coded this little thing into my board. So I figured Iwould share it with you, in case someone else would like ot use it.

I got the idea form the "Blink PM bar on new PM!" (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32299) Hack that I believe Firefly did. but this hack is uses totally seperate code and should not cause any conflicts with that hack.

What it does is put's a blinking message in the pm bar that tells a user to clear out his pm box if he has more than 50 total pm's stored

hope someone finds it useful. If you like it please click on intstall.

p.s. this is my first release so i hope i did everything right ;/


11 Oct 2002, 18:09
Show's whewre the message will appear


11 Oct 2002, 18:52
This rules. Will install in 1 min. ;)

Chris M
11 Oct 2002, 18:57
This looks good:)


12 Oct 2002, 04:49
Sweet!!!! i have been looking for something like this for a long time now. well done!
I put my limit to 100 by changing the value in the index.php

Great Hack!

12 Oct 2002, 17:07
Sweet, looks a simple, but useful addition. Will install after vBProArcade Beta.

19 Jan 2003, 11:58
very nice

19 Jan 2003, 20:35
installed on 2.2.9

Nice hack ;)

15 Jun 2003, 22:58
cool clicked install :)

16 Feb 2004, 17:13
sweet thank you very much *clicks install like a champ*

20 Apr 2004, 13:55
This script looks like what I'm after....if I don't want it to blink am I right that I would just use steps 1 and 3 and skip 2? (and modify step 1 to take out the blink)? Or does step 2 do something else besides the blink?

lol! I guess I'll find out when I try it! (which I can't do at the moment....will report back) ;)

20 Apr 2004, 18:15
Yup, took out the "blink" part and it's works like a charm! Love it! I replaced the text with a simple red "FULL".....a great way to let members know when they used up their storage space.