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13 Oct 2002, 11:17
You must have my Need xx posts to make an new thread (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?postid=276021#post276021) hack installed for this to work!

The reason why I create a new thread is because people couldn't find it :p

Thanks to Lesane (my hack is based on his minimum number of days to make new thread hack)

Screenie can be found in this (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?postid=276021#post276021) thread in the second post.

This hack will add an extra field when you create or edit an forum wich alows you to set an minimum number of posts before users can reply to threads in specified forums. If users don't have enough posts they will see an output stating the minimum number of posts needed.

Edit info:
5 edits in 2 files
1 SQL query
1 new template

Hope you'll enjoy this hack!

I never tested this hack and I can't provied support! But if you have any questions feel free to post in this thread. But I can't be sure that I can help you.

In about a week I will create an version that won't require you from installing my other hack first.

26 Jan 2003, 05:30
why release something you never have tested, I'll test it right now on my test forum for you ;)

26 Jan 2003, 05:31
Ok Im confused Wheres the hack?

im looking for the addon where you can stop a user from posting and viewing a certain forum untill xx amount of post

10 Aug 2003, 20:47
Great Hack!! This and the new thread were just what I needed to prevent new users from spamming newsgroup forums. (the nntp gateway hack)

28 Sep 2003, 12:13
I checked everything ten times but users can still post with this hack installed. The parent hack is installed and works ok.

Is this correct in newreply.php because it looks like the check is skipped:

if (($bbuserinfo['userid']!=$threadinfo['postuserid'] or $bbuserinfo['userid']==0) and (!$permissions['canviewothers'] or !$permiss$

if (($foruminfo[minreplyposts]>$bbuserinfo[posts]) and !(ismoderator($foruminfo[forumid],"",$bbuserinfo[userid]))) {

if (!$permissions['canview'] or (!$permissions['canreplyown'] and $bbuserinfo['userid']==$threadinfo['postuserid'])) {

Please help.