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26 Oct 2002, 05:45
What it does:
With this hack, users can globally update what song they are playing at a particular time. All they need to do is click a button at the top of your forum and a little window pops up where they can update the song title and artist (very convenient for surfing your forums or even another site!). The song title and artist are displayed next to each of their posts and in their profile IF they have updated it less than 15 minutes ago (we don't want a live script to be not current!).

Current version: 1.0.1b

Enjoy! Screenshots will follow.

Download: click here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=314331)

26 Oct 2002, 06:03
screenshot 1: update song information window

26 Oct 2002, 06:03
screenshot 2: user profile

26 Oct 2002, 06:04
screenshot 3: postbit

26 Oct 2002, 06:05
if anyone would like to post a demo, it would be appreciated :) i've only got this installed on my test board for now.

26 Oct 2002, 06:27
I want a live demo

26 Oct 2002, 14:25
/me will install it tomorrow too! Thanks!

26 Oct 2002, 15:18
thx. But i really dont want it in my getinfo and postbit. I was hoping for a live version in my message. OH WELL

Good job

26 Oct 2002, 17:05
it IS live! :p look at the hack title
it just happens that i made it show in the postbit / getinfo templates because those are the only logical places i could think of. it IS live, though.

26 Oct 2002, 17:50
This fixes some problems with apostrophes. To upgrade, remove the code from steps 3 and 4, then reapply these steps and replace nowplaying.php with the updated one included in the zip.

26 Oct 2002, 19:29
Kind of a pain to update this thing every 2-3 minutes....Nice idea, but too much work for me.

27 Oct 2002, 00:02
Winamp 3 plugin anyone? :)

27 Oct 2002, 01:05
That would be awesome if Winamp would update it, but I would think that it would require a dB access, and update too many times per minute or so...

27 Oct 2002, 03:04
Not if you made WA3 just query a script every time the song is over...and that's usually like 3-4 minutes per song so it's not that bad really.

But I suck at WA3 plugins :)

27 Oct 2002, 03:37
this is actually what i had in mind, but i can't do Winamp plugins - period. i'm too stoopid. whoever can accomplish this is a real american hero.

it would need to access the following url:
SONG_TITLE and ARTIST, of course, would be replaced with url-encoded song title and artist.

the load would be quite minimal (updating at the end of each song, of course!), and this would, as an added bonus, keep track of people who are online even when they aren't on your site.

what i envision is a plugin that uses the winamp mini-browser to keep open and update the page. it would LOOK just like normal (meaning it would appear you've filled in the form), but it would automatically update the information (obviously) by opening the page with different query strings.

anyway, good luck to anyone who's ballsy enough to try this.

27 Oct 2002, 08:19
Originally posted by blackice912
Winamp 3 plugin anyone? :)

im workin on it :P

27 Oct 2002, 11:20
I could do it, but I'm not American. Nor do I want to be an American hero.


27 Oct 2002, 11:21
Originally posted by zajako

im workin on it :P

Fancy doing a WA2 version while you're at it?

27 Oct 2002, 12:24
That is going to be so awesome!

27 Oct 2002, 15:27
Originally posted by TheComputerGuy
That is going to be so awesome!

/me agrees

27 Oct 2002, 15:29
Originally posted by john.eovie

Fancy doing a WA2 version while you're at it?

i thought you could do it?

27 Oct 2002, 15:42
I could, but I really don't want to. I hate all forms of programming other than php :p

Also: Update your avatar!

27 Oct 2002, 18:23
I don't use winamp :(

27 Oct 2002, 23:19
been meaning to update it, but i'm just too lazy :) thanks for pointing it out anyhow

unknown553, you could write a program to spy on whatever mp3 program you use and update every 1-2 minutes :/

zajako, how's the plugin coming?

29 Oct 2002, 15:58
lol I haven't upgraded to WA3 yet. I wouldn't install it anyways even if I did. Nice idea though.

Chris M
29 Oct 2002, 21:10
WA3 rules;) - When it doesnt crash Windows ME;):)

I hope this gets a plugin;)


29 Oct 2002, 22:16
i wasn't aware of how immense a project creating a WA3 plugin is :/ maybe zajako just hasn't started yet.

11 Nov 2002, 17:30
??? scriptfailure message? It has some strange behaviors but if this works it's fantastic. ;)