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Chris M
28 Oct 2002, 17:24
Hack Information
Requested by: N9ne here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=45113)
Query and some coding by: Xenon

Queries to run: 1/2 (2nd is optional - see below)
Files to modify: 2 (root/private.php & admin/usergroup.php)
Templates to modify: 1 (privfolder)
Templates to add: 2
Install time: 5 minutes
Screenshots: 4 (One alternate template edit)

You can view the 4th Screenshot (provided by N9ne) here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=315371)

What it does

At the moment, it is an un-message specific "Mark Multiple PMs Read" hack...This means that if you have 10 New PMs, it will Mark ALL of them as Read, if you have the usergroup permission to...

Notice to Installers

By Default, the "Can Mark Multiple PMs Read?" option in admin/usergroup.php is OFF...You will have to edit the usergroups that you want to be able to Mark PMs read...

Alternatively - If you want everyone to be able to, run this query below, as well as installing and running the query in the install file...

Warning: This will set the "Can Mark Multiple PMs Read?" option to "YES"...
UPDATE usergroup SET canmarkread=1

Thats it really...

Thanks to Xenon for providing the "Mark PMs Read" query:)


Chris M
28 Oct 2002, 17:26
Screenshot 1...

Description: The "Mark PMs Read" option on the Private Messages Screen...


Chris M
28 Oct 2002, 17:26
Screenshot 2...

Description: The user has sucessfully marked all his PMs as read...


Chris M
28 Oct 2002, 17:27
Screenshot 3...

Description: The user has not got permission to Mark the PMs as Read...


28 Oct 2002, 17:41
Thanks, installing now, I'll tell you if it works or not :p

28 Oct 2002, 17:53
Ok it works, but I made a modification to the template privfolder.

Here's what I did, instead of your step :p:

In template privfolder find:

Selected messages: <select name="folderid">

Add the following above it:

<a href="private.php?s=&action=markread"><smallfont color="#EEEEFF">Mark PMs Read</smallfont></a> |

It looks messed up doing it the way hellsatan put it :p

Anyway, it works flawlessly on a heavily hacked 2.2.8 board so no one at all should reply complaining :p

Hellsatan: go on aim ;)

28 Oct 2002, 18:03
Well done, Chris. A useful hack this one! :)

Chris M
28 Oct 2002, 18:19
Lol cool:)

I'll update the file:)

N9ne - Could you provide a Screenshot so I can add it to the Screenshots? Thanks:)

Thanks Erwin;)


28 Oct 2002, 18:48
Screen shot of my template mod is attached.

Chris M
28 Oct 2002, 18:50

Updated first post...


29 Oct 2002, 01:23
Nice one satan :D

Chris M
29 Oct 2002, 11:01