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29 Oct 2002, 01:51
Everything you need to know is in the .php file, simply open it in any text editor and follow the instructions.

Basically it will allow you to set a URL in a template in the adminCP, and this will be used if no homepage is specified by the user.

I will only provide support here, in this thread, not that there's much to give support on ;).

I know it's a tiny hack but it's still a hack and I use it :p

A way it can be an advantage is: A guest is browsing the forum, and sometimes, what I do is when I look at some peoples' posts, I look at their homepage link and go to their site...

So if you put a URL to the register page, it might bring up your member count, or maybe not :p

Or, you could simply use this for shameless promotion, you might just be an administrator on a forum but run another site, so on your style set [don't go changing others' styles!], change the template to make it a link to your site :p

29 Oct 2002, 01:53
Nice little hack! Good Job! :p

29 Oct 2002, 01:55
Thanks ;)

Please click install if you use it ;)

29 Oct 2002, 02:01
I will be sure to install this on my friends board ;)

29 Oct 2002, 02:02
Hehe I should rename the hack to "Shameless Plug" :D

29 Oct 2002, 02:09
Do it then :)

Good Luck

29 Oct 2002, 02:22
LoL it was a joke ;) no one will search the forums for shameless plug :D

29 Oct 2002, 05:40
I also hardcoded the change in member.php so it shows on the profile too. :cheeky:

Chris M
29 Oct 2002, 11:02
I would search for it;)

Nice little hack:)


30 Oct 2002, 05:37
I know this is just a joke and It's simple, maybe It's because I'm exausted... but where do you put the address? O.o

30 Oct 2002, 10:18
In the template you create, right now it is $bburl, but you can change that to whatever address you like.

Chris M
30 Oct 2002, 10:40


01 Nov 2002, 16:29
If someone creates a nice little hack with an easy install (ie one page.php file to upload) for individual user pages, combining it with this hack would be awesome. To explain:

Each user can have their own homepage, which they can edit some basic info, a default page can be built from the data they have already entered. Then the default homepage will go there.

I would love to do this one day but I'm WAAY too busy, hopefully this makes sense and someone will understand what I'm talking about...