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31 Oct 2002, 00:25
It was requested by some members on my forums, so I made it and released it :) Hope you like it guys. Feedback is welcome!

Description: With this tiny hack your users will be required to enter their current password before they make any changes to their profile. Useful when your members reads your forums in a public computer (like in school) and they forget to clear the cookies. So other people won't change their profile information maliciously.

Download the file and follow the instructions!


31 Oct 2002, 00:43
Sounds good! :D

Although I probably won't use it ;)

31 Oct 2002, 04:22
Sounds great to me :) and very quick and simple to implement.
Maybe great idea as a little tweak for upcomming vb3 :)

Chris M
31 Oct 2002, 10:21
I think it would be annoying, but there you go;)

Nice idea though:)


31 Oct 2002, 12:26
Thanks for the comments... Yeah, maybe this hack isn't necessary on some boards, but it's useful to anothers, :)

03 Nov 2002, 20:19
I think you have to provide a field to fill in password, something like

<tr bgcolor="{secondaltcolor}">
<td><b><normalfont>Your current password:</normalfont></b>(You have to provide your password in order to change your profile)
<normalfont><input type="password" class="bginput" name="currentpassword" value="" size="30" maxlength="30"></normalfont></td>

before you submit the modify profile form in modifyprofile template

03 Nov 2002, 23:18
I can't believe I forgot to put the template edit. Anyway, thanks mtha for the comment. Attachment updated.