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31 Oct 2002, 17:14
I.D Card Template

(Sorry for the newbie hack:))

Hey, this is partly my first hack (ffsphere helped me)

I hope I get better at PHP so I can make more hacks. But yeah, on with the hack:

Thanks to: hellsatan

Description: This will remove the big chunk of code in your postbit (The Username, avatar, posts etc. whatever you have in the author column) and move it to its own template.

Screenshot 1 (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=317075)
Screenshot 2 (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=317079)


Update: Fixed ,$postbit_idcard to ,postbit_idcard - Thanks hellsatan. Attachment should now be correct

31 Oct 2002, 17:20
indeed a very tiny hack, but specially users which have very long id-cards can use it, to reduce the chaos in the postbittemplate ;)

Chris M
31 Oct 2002, 17:58

Nice first hack:)


31 Oct 2002, 18:21
Ah, my mistake:) Thanks alot hellsatan:)

Chris M
31 Oct 2002, 18:24
No problems;):)


31 Oct 2002, 18:43
I think I know what it does, but does anyone have a screenshot?
thanks in advance

31 Oct 2002, 18:49
Under custom templates list:

31 Oct 2002, 18:53
In postbit code:

31 Oct 2002, 19:45
simple but userful hack, good work assassin

I already have one since I use it with my Itemshop hack but maybe I ll change my hack a bit to have "option" to use ID card or not so that anyone can use yours to work with mine.

31 Oct 2002, 21:17
Can we get a SS?


01 Nov 2002, 01:46
I believe it looks exactly the same as a board without the hack, but it makes it easier to edit te left column since it's in it's own template.

01 Nov 2002, 14:37
Yes, its something like that.:)

01 Nov 2002, 16:23
So its just taking the $post info out of the postbit template and putting it in another....

01 Nov 2002, 19:09
Yeah, its just to make editing it easier and having less code in your postbit.

02 Nov 2002, 14:24
its useful if you run an RPG board with like a HUGE postbit.

Put your health bars and level in the post bit then the stats in the ID card.

Almost like a second Profile but more RPG stats page like.

04 Nov 2002, 17:29
Yeah - thats what I made it for, but mainly because I couldnt be bothered looking through my postbit code to find it:p