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04 Nov 2002, 06:21
This hack combinds: Winamp(2&3), Audio-Tracker, and vBulletin. It displays the song that a person is currently listeing to live. So if you change the song in winamp the song being displayed in the post bit changes. This hack also makes use of the same forumla's of my rphack however it modifes it so that it can be used for a mor useful purpose. This hack grabs the image that audio tracker makes that displays the song currenly playing which is grabbed from winamp every time you cahnge songs. So, basicaly it displays what song your listeign to in your post bit, and marquees it :]

(oh and just for fun here is the song im listeing to :P )

I hope you enjoy it.

04 Nov 2002, 06:24
here is a screenshot

aslo i forgot to metnion, if they don't have a audio tracker name filled in it will not display anythin about it :]

04 Nov 2002, 06:31
demo site is www.therpgia.com

sorry its a reg only board, however its a very nice board, i spend a lot of time on, so you might wanna check it out anyways.

It also uses a hack im developing a version 2 for called the sitecreator hack, so you might wanna check it out all the more :P

04 Nov 2002, 07:22
This looks cool :)
Thanks, I'll give it a shot a bit later.

04 Nov 2002, 09:53
Zajako - very very well done, to integrate WinAmp and vB live. :)

04 Nov 2002, 10:17
heh, thanks Erwin, that means a lot to me. I plan to make a future version that is a custom plugin to store it in a mysql db rather than having to work with audio tracker. Hopefully i will get some time to do that, till then this still works :]

04 Nov 2002, 13:32
Awesome Zajako, it totally eliminate the need for a manual now-playing hack..but is there a possible way to integrate it with sonique, music match, or windows media player?

Never mind, I just noticed how this worked using the audio site. Well, it's a nifty idea but not needed for me.

04 Nov 2002, 14:40
If it dident send .gif files id use it. With the way im using the now playing hack i need a database drivin backend on it.

04 Nov 2002, 15:06
you should do it with music match :)

04 Nov 2002, 16:42
Great work zajako:)
May come in handy:ninja:

04 Nov 2002, 18:19
darn this hack looks great, any change of getting it to show what your playing for Windows Media Player, or perhaps DivX Player

04 Nov 2002, 18:26
the way it works is as a plugin for winamp. Media player and most divix players are not at all applicable to let people extend it, so any hopes of doing it for media player or any divix player really are of low profile. But winamp is a better mp3 player anyways, it runs better as well as has more tools and feature for the music.

04 Nov 2002, 19:09
so will you ever make it to work with music match? jw

04 Nov 2002, 19:36
WoW this is a great hack :)

Great work, :)

Pancreas Paul
04 Nov 2002, 20:26
omg. Everytime I come back there is a better hack someone released. Geesh, I love this board. ::CLICKS INSTALS::

Pancreas Paul
04 Nov 2002, 20:47
Sorry for double posting, but I got this error now that I installed it. When I view a post I get at the top of the page:

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/bw/public_html/vb/admin/functions.php:5035) in /home/bw/public_html/vb/admin/functions.php on line 3465

And like, the code you told me to insert, I put this:

//Currently listening to hack -Zajako
If ($post[field6]=="")
$currentplaying='Currently listening to:<br> <marquee><img src="http://www.audio-tracker.com/song.php/'.$post[field6].'"></marquee>';

and yes field 6 is the field. Also, whenever I view a post bit, I dont see the song title. Its just blank... HELP!

04 Nov 2002, 21:04
lol i love when people are happy with the hack i release :]

gohan, the chances are slim for music match do to them not being open coded :/

the error is being cause from something else most likely. aim me at zajako2, i'd be glad to check it out for you

04 Nov 2002, 21:22
Man another great hack, I didn't even have time to install your other one. Keep up the great work :)

05 Nov 2002, 00:11
Good work, I'll think about installing this one later :)

Ninth Dimension
05 Nov 2002, 00:39
this looks like a good little hack, but i'd like one that uses Windows Media Player rather than WinAMP - oh well.

I will prob install the manual now playing hack but use it for games insted of music (with my site having a games theme 'n' all :)

05 Nov 2002, 01:59
i have one that stores stuff in the mysql db, but i'm not sure the guy who made it would want me releasing it...

05 Nov 2002, 03:35
you know what! I like it....I will install it...when i get my computer back!

I will use both hacks. For What they were listening to at the moment and the Live stuff

05 Nov 2002, 03:39
I fixed up the spelling for the thread title, FYI. :)

05 Nov 2002, 05:51
Originally posted by nicksaunders
i have one that stores stuff in the mysql db, but i'm not sure the guy who made it would want me releasing it...

Could you please ask him? Im really intrested in something like this. Like i said before if its stored in the DB i can pull it out like i want :), also dose it show the song playing as a .gif?, Im really agenst that as i perfer text insted of offsite images.

05 Nov 2002, 07:02

http://www.audio-tracker.com/song.php/Marshalus (http://www.audio-tracker.com/audiotracker.php?username=Marshalus)

05 Nov 2002, 07:18
Originally posted by Pancreas Paul
Also, whenever I view a post bit, I dont see the song title. Its just blank... HELP!

Same problem here. Any ideas how to fix it?

What I'm using:

if ($post[field13]=="") {
} else {
$currentplaying='<br><a href="http://www.audio-tracker.com/audiotracker.php?username='.$post[field13].'"><img src="http://www.audio-tracker.com/song.php/'.$post[field13].'"></a>';

05 Nov 2002, 07:50
i fixed the install file, it was set with the wrong variable to be put in post bit.

use $currentplaying instead of $currentlyplaying like the original one said. as for one that is stored in the db instead of an offsite image, i am working on a winamp plugin for that, and it will be displayed as text and not have anything off site

05 Nov 2002, 15:48
Zaj, this is definitely Impressive...This one's definitely going on GQ...Cheese is gonna love this one ;)

05 Nov 2002, 21:34
oke working really nice :D

one prob though.. my postbit background is black :p is there any chance I can run that php file on my own server?

thanks mate :)

06 Nov 2002, 01:57
When the user sets up their account, they can change the color. Like in mine (which is in my siggy.)

06 Nov 2002, 03:49
what marshalus said, im working on making it so that everything runs on your server leaving the audio tracker out of it. thats version 2.0 which will arrive as soon as i can make the winamp plug in :/

07 Nov 2002, 13:04
Originally posted by Marshalus
When the user sets up their account, they can change the color. Like in mine (which is in my siggy.)

thats a good feature.

Anyways...I guess I'll wait for version 2.0....

11 Nov 2002, 03:02
/me likes :D

/me hits install

11 Nov 2002, 05:07
Originally posted by ZiRu$

thats a good feature.

Anyways...I guess I'll wait for version 2.0....

decided not to wait....i installed it! loving it

11 Nov 2002, 17:14
mine's got the plugin :D

12 Nov 2002, 01:35
yours lacks winamp 2 support otherwise id be using yours :P

which means i would not need to work on my version 2 :p

12 Nov 2002, 12:45
Limpinkw is working on it :)

12 Nov 2002, 16:00
it wont display what song im playing in winamp3 :(

14 Nov 2002, 07:49
it should, just change the song a bunch of times and it should catch it. That is what i noticed about the plugin.

16 Nov 2002, 21:38
Just to clarify... The new version will allow on site storage, so we wont need to use <marquee> tag?

Thats my only complaint with the hack, the marquee tag makes it really annoying. I think more of my users would get on board if it fit and stayed put....


20 Nov 2002, 16:11
yes the new version will make it not use the marquee tag