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06 Nov 2002, 06:37
Here is a quick and easy hack for those of you like me. I have too many private forums to try and memorize all of their names. It will help when editing user’s access masks by making the forum names, that you set to display as highlighted in your forum options in the admin CP, show up in a different color (the same color that edited templates show up in).

This hack should take less than 5 minutes to install and on a large forum can save a great deal of headaches, or at least it does for me. :p

06 Nov 2002, 06:38

06 Nov 2002, 06:58
Screenshot #2

Night Owl
19 Nov 2002, 14:03
I am attempting to install this hack on a fresh copy of 2.2.8.

I cannot find this code in admin/user.php:


19 Nov 2002, 23:22
Ack, my mistake. That portion of the instructions is for another hack I released. (notice the censor hack comments) I am editing the attachment now. Just ignore that step.

EDIT: The original attachment has beem edited. Sorry about that.

01 Dec 2002, 20:02
Originally posted by SWFans.net
show up in a different color (the same color that edited templates show up in).

Great hack :)

But is there a way to change the highlighted color ?

01 Dec 2002, 22:40
Edit the cp.css file to change the highlight color for edited templates and private forums. You could also change the span tag in my code to make it any color you like and be seperate from cp.css if you like.

02 Dec 2002, 04:47
Thanks, IŽll try that :)

24 Feb 2003, 18:30
I've tried to install this hack on 2.2.9 several times, and I keep getting a SQL error

Invalid SQL: UPDATE forum
styleid='1', title='Hidden Archives', description='',
active='1', displayorder='5', parentid='20', parentlist='27,20,-1',
allowposting='1', cancontainthreads='1', daysprune='30',
newpostemail='', newthreademail='',
moderatenew='0', allowhtml='0', allowbbcode='1',
allowimages='0', allowsmilies='1', allowicons='1',
styleoverride='0', allowratings='1', countposts='1',
moderateattach='0',,privateforum='1 '
WHERE forumid='27'
mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'privateforum='1 '
WHERE forumid='27'' at line 10

Any help would be appreciated.

24 Feb 2003, 20:35
You have a syntax error here:moderateattach='0',,privateforum='1 'There should only be a single comma, not two in succession before the word "privateforum". The space after the 1 in that same area may be causing problems too.

25 Feb 2003, 04:57
Thanks. That solved it.

Not sure if you checked it or not, but it's that way in your txt file.

25 Feb 2003, 06:49
Thanks for pointing out the error. It should be fixed now that I edited the attachment. :)