View Full Version : [mini-hack] Calendar Rules for Public Events

06 Nov 2002, 11:26
I don't think too many people even use their calendar's, but I figured I would post this just incase anyone could use it. :)

It annoys me when people post events to my calendar in all caps, put too much descriptive info in their titles, and etc. I wanted to add a section with posting rules, but I didn't want them to be seen by my users when they were posting private events. Who cares if the event's private and will only been seen by them? ;)
This is a very simple hack that will display a set of posting rules for anyone posting a public event, but not for a private event.

06 Nov 2002, 11:28
Here's a screenshot...

07 Nov 2002, 01:27
this has nth do to your hack, but how do you add a posting rule when u are posting?
hope you can answer:D