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08 Nov 2002, 05:15
That hack for vbcode buttons as this picture


What is new?:
1- Can write in right.
2- Can insert WebSite page in forum.
3- Can insert file Video.

1- Download files Attach.
You will see 2 folders admin and root

2- put all files in admin in folder admin and all files in root in root your forum.

3- run admin/setup.php
and Put your username and password

The hack is installed.

Don't forget remove admin/setup.php .

Good Luck

08 Nov 2002, 05:41
i love it, thank you, great hack

08 Nov 2002, 06:37

08 Nov 2002, 07:58
Thanks, HiSquad

Keep the good work up :)

08 Nov 2002, 08:01
Looks sweet. Thanks :)

08 Nov 2002, 08:08
Are you Welcome

08 Nov 2002, 08:53
awsome!! Thank you. *clicks install

08 Nov 2002, 09:33
the video gif wasnt in my toolbox.

Great hack.

08 Nov 2002, 10:07
You have some typos in the vbcode_language file, on the Flash parameters variables...

Looks like the NEW features you mention do not work for vb2.2.0:

1) [r] does not work for me

2) website parameter is NOT passed. This is actual content of the parsed file:

<IFRAME WIDTH=550 HEIGHT=400 SRC="{param}"></IFRAME>

3) how do i change the glow color now?

4) it removes the enhanced quote/code display hack!!

5) "insert video" button does not appear!

Can u help me fix that? ;)


08 Nov 2002, 11:22
(You should warn it removes any custom vb code somewhere before installing!)

OK i've hunted down some of the problems.

As for 1):

[r] never got added to the custom vB code list... I don't know if it's your SETUP.PHP fault or the fact of using vB 2.2.0...

Just thought u would like to rechek this out.

As for 2) The correct vbcode for IFRAME, correct iframe syntax, is IFRAME SRC= WIDTH= HEIGHT=

It now works fine!

As for 3) I reapplied d0dge's GLOW dropdown and it can work in conjunction with both.

As for 5), there's no VIDEO button at all in the toolbox dir...


As for 4) I'm no longer able to apply FireFly's hack which was working nice previous the installation of this hack. Each time I try to, quote vb code does not accept the whole bunch of code FireFly created, and it turns quote tag unusable.

Is this a buggy hack or is it just an update for previous versions or what??

08 Nov 2002, 12:31
Its not buggy at all.

He just forgot to add all things from the arabic version to the english version.

Im sure he will fix it and update the File soon.

If you cant wait download the arabix version.In the toolbox you will find the Videobutton.

You can add the allign right tag yourself.
Just copy the replacementcode for the center tag and change center to right.

The Web tag also did not work for me.
I changed it to a tagcode i found on vbulletin.com.

Search the forum there for bbcode.And then go to i share my bbcodes...In this thread you will find a working iframe solution.

BUT, like i said before maybe its better to wait untill HiSquad will answer and fix the english file.Great Stuff by the way!! :banana:

08 Nov 2002, 12:36
Refresh your thread, i solved some of the bugs (preffer TYPOS? ;)) already, including incorrect IFRAME tag.

Moreover, mpag is not a valid xtension for a video file ;)

Neat thing anyway!

08 Nov 2002, 12:54
Btw, it seems to have problems with several nested vB codes: i can't seem to be able to combine font, color, size, glow and mover onto the same line without weird vbcodes appear...

Is that a typo too?

08 Nov 2002, 16:51
السلام عليكم

عمل جميل أخي وفقك لله

08 Nov 2002, 18:24
right on man...i'll install it....but i'll be making all new button graphics

08 Nov 2002, 19:20
Okay tomorrow I will fix it

Good Luck

Vivi Ornitier
09 Nov 2002, 23:59
can it glow more clors? it seems to only glow red

10 Nov 2002, 00:31
Vivi Ornitier

About glow I will do it that with poet and line color in next version

12 Nov 2002, 20:30
I installed it
its awesome everybody did like it

13 Nov 2002, 16:14
only 1 bug.

With the new js files, I do not have focus. If I want to insert anything it will be insered at the end, not where the cursor is :(

I attached my js to this post. It fix the problem for me :)

17 Nov 2002, 11:55
Excellent work main problem I found was that people could break your forum layout with the Glow and Shadow tags if they combine them wrong...

so here what I used instead

Glow<font style="filter:shadow(color=#666666, direction=225);height=1px"><font color="#FFFFFF">Ahmad Aloufi</font></font>

Shadow<font style="filter:glow(color=red, strength=4);height=1px"><font color="#FFFFFF"> HiSquad.net</font></font>

26 Nov 2002, 18:08
Of course you knew it would work. Thanks for the great hack/addition. I don't have the video button either, but we beggars can't choose too much now, can we?

Thanks again!

04 Dec 2002, 09:36
For the video button download the arabic version and use the button out of there.

04 Dec 2002, 13:37
Thanks Ghostsuit,
That was easy enough, now it looks right.

08 Dec 2002, 22:08
Unless I am going crazy its missing the video.gif in the root/toolbox directory

NM I didn't read the rest of the posts

03 Jan 2003, 17:15
Is there a way we can get the button format for this so we can add buttons if we need to? I am short 4 buttons that I need. Also, can you explain how to make the color drop down? I installed this manually as I didn't want to mess up my vbcode.js file. It is a little enhanced. I would like to add the color drop down also, but I need to do it manually, too. :)

Great hack, by the way. Keep up the great work.

03 Jan 2003, 18:46
That is new version

06 May 2003, 22:39
where do i upload all these images???