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17 Nov 2002, 18:20
At least that's what i think it's called: tooltip. This hack will show the first 150 characters of the first post if you hold your mouse over the link to a thread on the forumdisplay page. A screenshot is included in the zip, together with installation instructions. Enjoy.

Chris M
17 Nov 2002, 20:04
This hack has already been made, but nice effort:)


17 Nov 2002, 20:06
demo ?

17 Nov 2002, 20:09
Originally posted by hellsatan
This hack has already been made, but nice effort:)


Ah. Sorry for re-creating it.
There's a screenshot in the zip file JohnWoo.

17 Nov 2002, 20:09
aaaaah, that will add a ton of queries. i suggest using mine - check the link in my sig.

17 Nov 2002, 20:12
one query per forum.

22 Nov 2002, 14:32
Isn't it actually one query per thread displayed?

I'm assuming that you are pulling from the first post, and not dumping this information into its own table.

I'd love to use this, but I also don't want a bazillion queries running on my site.


22 Nov 2002, 20:21
I installed it, well, I will soon ;)

I downloaded this hack cause the other one was a bit confusing to understand :p

Omega Prime
22 Nov 2002, 20:56
Thanks for the release

Hack installed successfully :cool:

22 Nov 2002, 21:52
nicksaunders made the same hack, but which only uses 1 query or so I think. :)

22 Nov 2002, 22:37
unfortunately for all of us, it also would require mod_rewrite and/or the disabling of the coveted DOT icons :(

If only there could be peace in the world... <sniff> :)

23 Nov 2002, 09:43
Originally posted by SpeedStreet
Isn't it actually one query per thread displayed?

yes. That's what i meant to say.

23 Nov 2002, 11:24
A query per thread displayed...eeek!

Chris M
23 Nov 2002, 14:23
Use nicksaunders';)


23 Nov 2002, 15:36
If there was a way to still enable the dot icons and use nicks' at the same time, that would be awesome.

This is a good idea, but as we mentioned, depending on how many threads you allow to be displayed on each page, there are that many queries added to your page totals.

On a large site, you would see massive bogdown issues, as this would essentially double the amount of queries per page :(

18 Apr 2003, 11:53
Dear rake

how can i add tooltip for searchresult and newtopics?


26 Nov 2003, 00:02
This hack add an additional 30 queries to my forum :(