View Full Version : "Lesane Store Hack"-friendly itemshop

17 Nov 2002, 18:26
Some people have asked me by e-mail about making the itemshop work with the store points. Here it is. An updated itemshop.php file. And yes, if you're wondering, i did the create the itemshop which Vivi kindly posted for me. ;)

lalo landa
19 Nov 2002, 06:53
Grate!! please be more specific.. what hacks i need to use this?

and, can u show us any demo or screenshot?


19 Nov 2002, 20:57
so ermmm, u mean this uses the store points for the itemshop, or is it a built in itemshop for the store

lalo landa
20 Nov 2002, 07:54
i know only the store hack

20 Nov 2002, 17:51
The itemshop is the same. The only difference is that it uses the store points, instead of it's own currency field.

20 Nov 2002, 18:49
would you need the store hack to do this, or can it be used alone, as i am interested in having an itemshop on my forums, but i hear bad things about high queries

23 Nov 2002, 09:53
I also posted an update in the itemshop thread. It drastically reduces queries.