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02 Dec 2002, 00:06
Ok, my first hack and pretty simple one.

What this does is it adds a submit button to bottom of each section of the vBulletin Options part of the Admin CP. I made this hack becuase I often found that I was only updating one or two options, and that I had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, just to submit the updates. So, I made this hack and now the "Save Changes" Button is only a few clicks away.

The instructions are coming in the next post!

But here is a screen shot:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this was tested on vBulletin 2.2.9 but it should work on almost any version, as the file I modified hasn't changed in a while.

02 Dec 2002, 00:08
Here are the installation instructions!

02 Dec 2002, 00:14
This is a blessing! :banana:

[ Click->Install ]

02 Dec 2002, 00:15
Woo, alright, nice to know someone likes it. Thanks!

Let me know if you have any problems

Vivi Ornitier
02 Dec 2002, 02:07
quality, very quality

02 Dec 2002, 02:24
Nice hack man. I was getting tired of scrolling all the way down, as my options page is very long with all my hacks installed.


02 Dec 2002, 04:22
*licks install*

very nice indeed :)

02 Dec 2002, 04:47
Originally posted by Anime-loo
*licks install*

You licked the install button? Was it tasty? :laugh:

02 Dec 2002, 04:52
Originally posted by Visionray

You licked the install button? Was it tasty? :laugh:

LOL that's a classic !setinfo <Anime-loo > *licks install*

02 Dec 2002, 05:01
Ah, nice indeed. Good for the laziness

I wont lick the install button though ~_~

/me pulls out semi-automatic machine gun and blasts the install button into pieces ;)

02 Dec 2002, 14:48
Wow, this is great. I didn't expect this much postitive feedback.

I too am "licking" the install button.

02 Dec 2002, 15:02
Originally posted by Visionray

You licked the install button? Was it tasty? :laugh:

Tasted like windex, mabey i souldent do that right after i clean my moniter? ;)

02 Dec 2002, 16:55
lol @ AL

Nice hack there drews! Something i've always wanted!


02 Dec 2002, 19:08
Aren't CTRL + End keys not working on yer keyboards ppl? ;)

02 Dec 2002, 19:50
But that would mean having to take my hand away from the mouse. LOL. We have, but I just made this hack as convience feature.

03 Dec 2002, 02:24
Very neat idea indeed :)
Installed :)

03 Dec 2002, 23:36
What version are you running? So I know and other people know it will work.

04 Dec 2002, 02:26
Originally posted by drews
What version are you running? So I know and other people know it will work.

mine is working on 2.2.8

Mike Gaidin
04 Dec 2002, 02:35
Hallelujah!! This is definitely one of the best hacks I've installed. Now my lazy butt don't have to scroll forever anymore. :D

running on 2.2.9

04 Dec 2002, 15:51
Do I hear hack of the month?? Proably not, since there are soooooooooo many better hacks out there.....lol

13 Dec 2002, 18:34

merci ;)

14 Dec 2002, 22:33
I don't need this, but it's a nice addition for u lazy asses!

Chris M
20 Feb 2003, 16:31

Stops the horrendous loading times;)


20 Feb 2003, 16:43
Very, very nice and convenient. Thank you. ;)

09 Apr 2003, 02:01

Thank you. :banana: